Reverb 12: Day 3

I’m not feeling today’s prompt: Prompt for December 3: Beautiful things.  What brought beauty into your life this year?  Was it a tangible thing or something intangible?  Tell us about it in detail.

Beauty in my life. I guess I just don’t think about my life that way.

My kids are beautiful – absolutely, beyond question – and there are moments when they are sleeping – especially when they’re sleeping – crying, laughing, smiling, being cheeky, watching TV without noticing that I’m watching them, that just looking at them squeezes my heart and fills it to bursting all at the same time.

There are moments when I’m driving down the highway and I look at the sky and just love the prairies and can’t imagine living anywhere else. The haze in the air that gives the fall sunset that perfect peachy glow, the faded crystalline blue of the sky when it’s minus 30 and your lungs burn with every breath, the bright yellow of the canola against the deep blue of the August sky – you just have to take a deep breath and enjoy being alive.

I don’t regularly think of beauty, whether tangible or intangible. I suppose I just try to take a few seconds when I recognize it, to appreciate it.



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