Seeking Human Flesh (Totally Not in an X-Rated Way)

I have a little secret to share: I love Halloween and, when given time and opportunity, am totally hard-core about it.

So, at work, I bought funny little headbands for my staff and me. The patients we had that day loved it.

I booked myself off work and left early to get the kids ready for their evening of trick-or-treating. Came home, whipped up some frightfully unhealthy Mummy Dogs and then got the kids into their costumes and makeup.

Needless to say, I also made sure I was in full costume and makeup and made my husband get in on the action as well. I used this super-easy and awesome tutorial from for the makeup, made my husband’s t-shirt myself, and applied fake blood freely, resulting in the following:

We love zombies around here!

How was your Halloween? Ours was great, though a little chilly. We’ve had more snow since then, too, but the sidewalks were mostly dry that night.


3 thoughts on “Seeking Human Flesh (Totally Not in an X-Rated Way)

  1. Terzah says:

    Great costumes! Your makeup was excellent! Our Halloween was mostly fun, except my son ate too many LemonHeads and ended up with an upset stomach that delayed his bedtime by 90 loooooonnngggggg minutes (all I wanted to do was fall in bed myself).


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