Fall Running is Still Not Happening

Holy smokes, it’s already the middle of September!  The kids are back at school, ballet and gymnastics have started, hockey starts this weekend for one kid and next weekend for the other.  Indoor soccer doesn’t start until next month, thank goodness.

In the past several weeks, I’ve managed to see my doctor for a check-up, meet with a dietitian, start working out with a personal trainer (once), and get acupunctured (not sure that’s a word, but whatever) by my physiotherapist.  I am starting to take care of my body a little bit, but to be perfectly honest, I’ve been pretty spotty with respect to workouts and eating. Exercise and healthy eating are the first to suffer when my schedule gets busy.

On the business front, I’ve:

  • hired a new dental assistant,
  • hired a dentist as an associate to cover me a couple of days per week so I can get paperwork and meetings under control
  • contracted a company to get going on the marketing front
  • met with some HR consultants to talk about getting policies and procedures in place
  • hired a dental practice management consultant to come in and review what we’re doing and tell us how to do (everything) better
  • contracted a bookkeeping company to deal with month-end accounting and payroll
  • decided to put in digital x-ray technology and a new practice management system that theoretically moves us closer to becoming a “paperless” office

The business is starting to come together and it’s exciting – I just wish it would happen faster.

I also really, really wish I could run, because the cooler weather is SO perfect for running right now.  Unfortunately, I’m still dealing with my IT band/hip instability/inflexible thoracic spine issues.  My left hip is feeling better, but I still don’t have the okay from my PT to run and nothing else is as satisfying to me from an exercise perspective (take that as you will…) as lacing up and heading out at the end of the day.

What’s your favourite time of year to run?


6 thoughts on “Fall Running is Still Not Happening

  1. Shrinking Me says:

    Fall is definitely my favourite time to run as well. I’m a bit concerned though, my right foot has been bothering me for 2 days now even while walking. I think I’ll have to swing by the clinic tomorrow to get it checked out. 😦


  2. Hannah says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a crazy hectic schedule!
    I LOVE running in the fall, it’s the absolute best time to! Not too hot, not too cool… Usually fall starts at the end of September where I live though.


  3. Terzah says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year to run, too–in that sense, my injury came at a good time, as I was able to get it under control before things started getting ideal again outside. You’ll get there, too–it sounds like you’re really getting into a groove with the practice.


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