Plan it Out, Avoid Failure

Sorry, still haven’t gotten around to posting about the Olympics.  Accomplished some good stuff this weekend, but putting that blog post together was not one of them.

I did want to talk about how I haven’t been making fitness a priority the past week and a half.  I mean, I know I just took over a business and have had that as a giant change in my schedule, but I’ve hit the point where I know absolutely that working out is up to me and not about “finding” free time in my calendar.  I absolutely have to schedule it in and see working out as a necessity, not as a “should.” Regardless of how busy I’ve been at work, I know that I could have made time to work out.  I just didn’t, and I fully acknowledge that.

This week will be different.  The weather’s going to be great, so I want to get outside as much as possible. Summer is so short here! At the same time, my kids have hockey and gymnastics camps this week, which means extra driving for drop-offs and pick-ups.  I know myself well enough to know that I will be setting myself up for failure if I schedule my workouts in at 6am this week.  I also know, though, that if I wait until later in the evening, I’ll feel too tired to workout.  The plan, then, is as follows:

  • Monday: change into workout gear first thing, get supper into the oven and then work out while it’s cooking; strength workout; before bed, 30 minutes of yoga (so 9:30pm, drop everything)
  • Tuesday: bring workout gear to work and change into it before I leave the office, delegate barbecuing to my husband while I go for a walk right after work; after supper, core workout; before bed, 30 minutes of yoga
  • Wednesday: office doesn’t open until noon, so drop my daughter off at her camp and then hit the weights and walk for 30 minutes
  • Thursday: have something in the slow cooker and go for a walk right after work, followed immediately by core; yoga 30 minutes before bed
  • Friday: off; travel day to Calgary for my new nephew’s baby shower!
  • Saturday: challenging because I’ll be out of town on my own with the kids, baby shower to attend in the afternoon; plan a body weight workout for first thing in the morning and take the kids for a walk before the shower
  • Sunday: travel day; yoga as soon as I get home to workout the car-ride kinks

Also integral to success this week are planning snacks and meals.  Haven’t worked that out yet, but I will, because, as they say, failing to plan is planning to fail, and I sure don’t like to fail.

What’s your favourite, easy-to-transport pre-workout snack?


2 thoughts on “Plan it Out, Avoid Failure

  1. Terzah says:

    I need to embrace my slow cooker more now that fall is coming. Like you say, it’s a matter of priorities (and also making new habits).

    For pre-workout snacks, I like apples and Clif Kid Twisted Fruit twists.


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