My Life in Lists: Skills I Want to Acquire

I honestly thought the list of things I want to learn to do would be longer, but after several days of mulling things over, I’ve come up with a surprisingly short list (below) of skills I want to acquire.  Of course becoming fluent in French, learning how to play golf well, and learning about photography might take quite a long time, so picking up these skills isn’t just a matter of spending a few weekends working at them and then mastering the skills.  They’re kind of big goals (note: I grew up in a French community, French was my first language, and I was nearly bilingual when I was about 18 years old, so fluency isn’t a total stretch), so perhaps it’s better that I’ve somewhat limited my list so that I the items on it seem achievable, yes?

  • Become fluent in French
  • Learn how to make a really good omelet
  • Learn first aid
  • Be able to change a bicycle tire
  • Learn how to golf (well)
  • Learn how to handle a firearm
  • Learn how to really use my digital SLR
  • Learn about photography
  • Learn Spanish
  • Learn how to arrange flowers
  • Learn the best way to build a fire
  • Improve my dance skills
  • Learn how to do a smoky eye
  • Learn how to sew
  • Learn how to ride a motorcycle

Any recommendations on how I can acquire these skills?  Rosetta Stone?  Online smoky eye tutorial?  I’m all ears!


4 thoughts on “My Life in Lists: Skills I Want to Acquire

  1. Terzah says:

    This is a good list! I’d check with your public library and see if they offer any online sites for language learning that are free to cardholders (my library has one called PowerSpeak; others have one called Mango–both are pretty good, and WAY cheaper than Rosetta Stone). I don’t have any advice on the other items. My list includes learning the banjo and learning to make one more really tasty salad dressing (I have one good one involving Worcestershire sauce, but I’d like a simpler lemon-based one, too).


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