I’ve got 4 finals this week, and then 2 the week after.  Once my exams are done, I’ve got to finish up some clinical work (dentures, root canal, some fillings) and then I should be done school (fingers crossed that all my patients show up for their appointments and that everything goes smoothly).  I expect to be finishing things off around the end of April, but you never know what can happen…

As far as workouts go, this past week went pretty well, except I missed my run this weekend due to a variety of schedule changes…and due to the fact that I should have been doing more studying for finals than I was actually doing. Oops!  I didn’t quite meet my goals for the week, so I won’t be booking that mani-pedi yet, but I feel good that I did workout as much as I did.

This week coming up, here’s the plan:

Monday – minimum 30 min walk/run (if my schedule works out, I’ll do the 60 minute workout I missed this weekend, so 10 x 4 min walking/2 min running; if I can’t find an hour, I’ll fit in 5 x 4 min walking/2 min running)

Tuesday – 30 minutes yoga

Wednesday – 30 minutes walking/running (5 x 4 min walking/2 min running)

Thursday – off

Friday – 30 minutes walking/running (5 x 4 min walking/2 min running)

Saturday – 30 minutes yoga

Sunday – 60 minutes walking/running (10 x 4 min walking/2 min running)

If I hit my target, I’m buying myself a new pair of Toms – probably these red ones, which I have been coveting for awhile.

What’s your go-to brand for cute-but-comfortable shoes that you can spend the day walking around in?


5 thoughts on “Finals…Again

  1. Kat says:

    If I have a choice and the weather is cooperating, I will always-always pick sandals of any stripe and color, only because I actually hate wearing shoes. Like, when I’m running it’s just fine but other than that I would absolutely prefer to be barefoot.

    That being said, I’m tempted to pick up a pair of the TOMS ballet flats – I saw some on another blog and they are CUTE!


  2. Ameena says:

    I bought some boots last year and they are the BEST walking shoes ever! I wore them today as I walked about 10 miles through NYC and my feet feel great. 🙂

    I hear good things about Tom’s…but I don’t have a pair. Yet!


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