Workout Update

I have, so far this week, actually worked out according to plan – except for Tuesday, when I fell asleep at 8:30pm instead of doing some yoga.  I was going to make up for it last night, but feel asleep around 9pm.  Clearly I’m in need of sleep.

My daughter insisted on coming with me for my walk/run on Monday.  I was hesitant to take her with me because a) I like to work out alone, b) she talks a LOT, c) I wasn’t sure she’s be able to keep up, and d) the weather was sort of miserable.  Despite my misgivings, I took her along, because she’s really happy to be seeing me more and was so sad that I would leave her behind.  We solved the speed issue by having her ride her bike, and I told her I wouldn’t be talking much (although I seemed to answer a lot of questions during our time together). The weather got worse while we were out.  We went from overcast conditions with occasional spitting rain to full-on freezing rain, with a little lightning and thunder around here.  We made it home safely, but it was super-icy by the time we were close to home.  I nearly racked out a couple of time, and my daughter DID bite it once on the sidewalk about 1/2 a block from home.  She walked her bike home the rest of the way.  Shortly afterward, it started snowing.  That goodness we were home by then!

Tonight, it’ll be a bit of a scramble to fit in a walk/run.  I’ve got a student council event and I expect to be at school a little late because I’m finishing a root canal on a patient, so sometime between school and the event, I’ve got to find time to get outside.  First step: find out what time the event is at – haha!

My eating is still not as healthy as it was a year ago.  Funny that once you’re making poor food choices, it’s a hard habit to break, even though I KNOW that I feel better when I’m eating more healthfully and know exactly what I should be eating in a day.  I’ll be tackling my eating habits soon.



4 thoughts on “Workout Update

  1. Ameena says:

    I’m so scared of getting another root canal…my God that was painful. I had it once! And never, ever again did I give my dentist a reason to give me another one.


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