One of Two

Did I mention my big exam this weekend was a 2-day deal?  Today was a 2-part exam: 150 multiple choice questions in the morning, and another 150 questions in the afternoon.  Tomorrow will also be a 2-parter, but instead of being a test of my didactic knowledge, it’s a series of stations that (in theory) assesses my clinical knowledge through radiographs, pictures, models, etc. We get 5 minutes at each station and rotate through them all.  Sounds like fun, yeah?

Anyway, who knew that 4 years of dentistry could all be summed up in 2 days?  Well, maybe not so much.

Today’s exam went okay.  I feel a lot let stressed out already.  There are just a few things I plan to review for tomorrow’s exam, but since it’s practical, there’s not much to look at.  Instead, I’m taking it easy and watching some T.V. while I look over a few things.

Workouts haven’t been happening these days.  Guess that’ll start next week!  School will still be busy, but since the studying will be much reduced, I can take time to fit in some exercise without feeling guilty for neglecting studying, my family, and everything else.  It’s going to be great to be done.


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