Mental Trickery: Talking Myself Onto the Treadmill

I’m still feeling overwhelmed, but I suspect that this feeling will continue until a) I write my licensing exams March 3rd and 4th, b) I have all of the credits I need to graduate completed, c) a job lined up, or d) all of the above.

On the workout and healthy living front, I got a couple of runs in on my treadmill and did yoga a couple of times this past week.  I’ve also been focusing on having healthier lunches by having sandwiches (which feature veggies, lean meats, and mustard) instead of greasier fare at the hospital cafeteria where I eat lunch most days (I’m aware that packing a lunch would be healthiest, but I’m also a realist and making myself a lunch daily is not a priority these days).

Unfortunately, I’ve also been feeling really run down lately: really tired, scratchy throat, nasal and chest congestion.  I’ve been trying to get lots of sleep and drink lots of liquids, but I think my body is just reacting to the stress I’m experiencing lately.  Guess I’ll just stick to the basics as much as possible: healthy eating, fluids, sleep, and moderate exercise.

This week coming up, I’m getting a massage and plan to run 3 times and practice yoga 3 times.  I am trying to stick to my resolution and treat myself with kindness, so I have been pointedly avoiding any negative self-talk about not working as much as I’d like.

I’ve also been talking myself onto the treadmill by promising myself I’ll just walk for 15 minutes, and if at that point I want to stop, I can stop.  So far, once I’ve hopped onto the treadmill, I’ve felt good enough to pick up the pace and get some running in. Sometimes just overcoming inertia is the most difficult part of a workout, non?  Once I get my sweat on and finish a workout, I feel great, especially when running is involved (although, not so much when running pain is involved).  And then I wonder why I can’t just save up this feeling when it’s time to start my next workout.  Anyone have an answer for that, because I really feel like I’m not alone in this.

Any tricks you have when you don’t have the energy to/don’t feel like/don’t have the motivation to workout?


6 thoughts on “Mental Trickery: Talking Myself Onto the Treadmill

  1. Kat says:

    I think that giving yourself permission to quit is KEY. Because once you make it past the quit point (usually halfway through), it’s all downhill. I’m really proud of you for pushing through. I know that I have the same issue with not “feeling” it at the beginning of a workout. You just have to keep the end in-mind. Sometimes that’s a pretty lukewarm promise. But you NEVER regret it, right?


  2. Zen and Genki says:

    I like to tell myself, “JUST GO”. And make myself do that for 15 minutes. If I go the 15 minutes and still am not feeling it, I give myself permission to quit, with the understanding that I will “JUST GO” for at least the same amount of time the next day…more often than not, after that first 15 are done, I have the motivation to go another 15 more 🙂


  3. Rabia says:

    my god! I just found this blog and I feel like you have been through everything im about to go through for the next 4 years. (start D school this summer) IS there anyway I could write to you and vent before even starting D school!:)


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