Merry and Bright

Yesterday’s plan didn’t really happen.  To refresh, I’m talking about 8 cups of water, 7 minutes core, 6 flights of stairs, 5 minutes running, 4 sets of pushups, 3 sets of lunges, 2 sets of squats, and yoga workout on my TV.  I did get a 40 minute walk in with my kids (the slowest 2 miles ever! but they had fun), 8 cups of water, 6 flights of stairs, 1 set of lunges, and 1 set of squats.  But then I fell asleep early when I put the kids to bed, and the rest of the workout didn’t happen.  I ran the day before, though, so my hip was feeling pretty tight yesterday.  All-in-all, probably better that the running didn’t happen.

Today, I got a ton of stuff done:

  • slept in – aaahhh
  • had my TB skin test checked (it took 2 seconds to have it assessed, but it ended up being a 25 minute endeavour, what with the driving and hauling the kids with me)
  • took the kids to see Santa and got a picture
  • did a little Christmas shopping while at the mall
  • took the kids for lunch and let them have a special dessert (because they won’t be getting enough sugar the next few days – haha!)
  • picked up some groceries
  • had a mom meltdown in the store
  • enjoyed a little TV while the kids “enjoyed” some post-bad-behaviour-in-the-grocery-store time in their rooms
  • met with our financial planner for a yearly review (which we didn’t want to do, but basically had to)
  • took my daughter to the bookstore, where I picked up some Starbucks gift cards for my son’s hockey coaches and we each enjoyed a hot drink
  • bought some more Christmas presents at the bookstore
  • ran 3 flights of stairs
  • baked some Double Chocolate Chip Cookies and packaged them up for my son’s coaches/team managers
  • made Honey Garlic Chicken using this recipe, but made it in the oven, not the slow cooker (served with quinoa and steamed broccoli) – it was really tasty, and I plan to try it in the slow cooker soon
  • my husband took the kids out, so I did 6 sets of pushups (I just finished week 1 of One Hundred Pushups), went for a walk/run for 35 minutes, adding in some walking lunges and squats at the end
  • did some yoga and core
  • took a relaxing bath
  • baked some Double Chocolate Cookies with a Peppermint Patty Surprise from Rachael Ray, as recommended by Deana over at Soles of a Mom.  Haven’t quite finished them yet – they still need white chocolate drizzles and crushed candy canes – but had to taste-test one straight out of the oven and it was delicious
  • ran another 3 flights of stairs

It was a fun day and I hit my goals (9 minutes walking, 8 cups of water, 7 minutes core, 6 flights of stairs, 5 minutes running, 4 sets of pushups, 3 sets of lunges, 2 sets of squats, and a yoga workout on my TV), so I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself.

I’m also really happy that I’m running again.  It’s slow going and my left hip still feels tight, but I’m getting better, definitely.  Saw my physio the other day and he said to keep doing my strengthening exercises and start foam rolling a lot.  He’s noticed improvement in my range of motion and in my ability to stabilize laterally, so that’s good.  He gave me the okay to run and said to continue on with yoga (which I’ve been doing for a few weeks now).

And can I just say that finishing up a run with a nice, easy walk while listening to Diana Krall’s “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and enjoying the lights in the neighbourhood is so, so good?  Highly recommend.

If you’re a runner, have you been getting your miles in outside or on the treadmill? 

Do you enjoy the holiday light displays in your neighbourhood?


5 thoughts on “Merry and Bright

  1. Deana says:

    You are too funny…I can relate to almost everything on your list. I just took the kids to see Santa. Nothing like getting it in the last minute. We too go from doing fun holiday stuff to me screaming at the top of my lungs. Glad I’m not the only one. I have been getting in my runs. Not as fast as I’d like but the milage is there. A 14 miler is the longest thus far. 6.5 on Tuesday. I love looking around at people’s decorations. I’m a secret house stalker. Foam rolling will be your best friend. Do it religiously every day 5-10 min. It hurts like heck but will keep the scar tissue from reforming in the it band. Get a high density foam roller- one of the black ones. The other dent too easy.
    Oh p.s.- thanks for the shout out on the cookies. They freeze really well and are yummy fresh from the freezer!


  2. Kat says:

    Okay, I’m pretty sure that you had the most productive day in the history of the world. WOW.

    I realized today when I took my run inside that in the last week I ran exclusively outside, which is a little bit mind-bending. I can definitely feel it…everywhere. I might need to ease up a bit next week.


  3. Terzah says:

    That was quite a day you had! Good job!

    I love the lights, too, though I mostly see the ones that are left on all night, because I run so early in the a.m. I’m still managing to run outside, but am doing the speedy stuff on the treadmill because I don’t like worrying about stoplights or icy sidewalks when I’m trying to concentrate on speeding up.


  4. Ameena says:

    Wow…you have your hands full! I totally understand the mom meltdown, by the way. I have them daily. Hourly even.

    I would LOVE some double chocolate cookies right now. I have a total sugar craving!

    Happy Holidays my friend. I hope you find some downtime. 🙂


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