End-of-Term Blahs

Wish I were here...

I’ve definitely been feeling blah lately. Whether it’s the lack of daylight or just end-of-term burnout, I’m feeling a definite lack of energy lately.  I’ve been doing a good job staying away from the treats, but the exercising part of the equation is not going so well.  I  don’t actually remember the last time I got my sweat on, which is sad to me.  I’ve been getting some studying in, though, and I put together a study schedule – just haven’t been following it as closely as I’d like to.  Feel like I’m falling behind, since I’m only a couple weeks away from exams.

This week, I’ll be focusing on:

  1. Limiting my treats (it’s my birthday Wednesday, so I’ll be indulging for sure)
  2. Getting in 3 x 30 minute workouts (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
  3. Food journalling every day for the next week.

Spent the weekend out of town for a hockey tournament.  My son got his first goal!  The team enjoyed the waterslides at the hotel, and I fell asleep before my kids did last night.  My daughter wanted to watch a movie, so we went back to the room and I got Netflix going on my computer for her.  The next thing I knew, my husband was shaking me awake, asking me what was wrong with me, as it was 9pm and I was asleep (the rest of the parents and kids were still socializing).  What can I say?  I’ll take my sleep whenever I can get it.

I’d love to write more but it’s late and I’d better get to bed.  It’ll be another long week as I get down to studying for Christmas exams.  I am dreading the whole process already.  Can’t wait for December 16th to be over!


2 thoughts on “End-of-Term Blahs

  1. Kat says:

    Okay, I do not know what is happening with gravatar right now so I have no idea of how this is going to come out.

    1. Congratulations, Son! That’s fantastic! What exciting news 🙂

    2. Sometimes you just have to pass out. And if you don’t take yourself down, mother nature will do it for you.


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