Goals, Goals, Goals

It’s been a week since I last posted.  I had a single goal these past seven days: NO EATING TREATS.

I was sorely tempted at various points this past week to scarf down some chocolate or indulge in some baked goods while picking up a tea a Starbucks, but I resisted.  As a result, the weight creep I’ve been experiencing over the past few months has halted, which is a relief.

On the other hand, I could definitely pull up my socks in the healthy eating department.  Since I started doing more studying a few weeks ago (had a mock oral test last Thursday – went okay), meal planning/preparation and grocery shopping have all gone out the window.  This, combined with less regular physical activity, probably contributed to the migraine I experienced Thursday (lingering into Friday and Saturday).

Ever have the feeling that your body is trying to tell you something? I do.  Migraine late last week, and now have some swollen glands and a touch of a sore throat.  Clearly, I haven’t been treating my body with respect.  Must do better!

The game plan:

  1. Indulge in a treat or 2 tomorrow, and then keep away from the sweets for another 7 days.  Next weekend will be tricky, because we’ll be at a hockey tournament with my son’s hockey team and I’m expecting there to be snacks and stuff afterward, as the parents will be getting together.  I do plan to have a couple of drinks (I’m usually a G&T drinker), but am committing now that there will be no sweets, chips, or fries crossing my lips!
  2. Meal plan.  For the week.  I’m keeping it simple because I have GOT to get studying for finals, but there WILL be a plan, regardless.
  3. Go grocery shopping!  Tomorrow night.
  4. Bring a water bottle to school.  I’ve been better at consuming liquids during the day, but with this sore throat thing in the works, it’s no time to be slacking in that department.
  5. Put together a study plan.  By Tuesday at 9pm, I will have a study plan put into place for now until I write my board exams (dental licensing exams) March 3, 2011.  Hoping having a plan will = less stress.
  6. Get my body moving.  Run, walk, or stationary bike 3 times this week (Mon, Weds, Fri).  Strength train 2 times this week (Tues, Thurs).  Think I’m going to try out the strength training plan in The New Rules of Lifting for Women for now.  I’m not fully committing to the whole plan, but the moves are very basic, they allow for some variation, and the workouts are quick – exactly what I need right now.

Okay, those seem like some mighty ambitious goals to me, considering there’s also kids’ hockey and regular school stuff to contend with, plus I’m feeling stressed.  I think this calls for a “carrot.”  If I meet all 6 goals, I’m taking time to go shopping for a sweater dress.  If I meet 5 of 6, I’m taking the night of the 30th off (it’s my birthday) and not studying.  If I meet 4 of 6, I’m putting aside 30 minutes to put on nail polish.

Have I mentioned that winter arrived here last weekend? I am seriously considering getting some Yaktrax so I can run outside.  Here’s the view out my front door last weekend:

Since then, we’ve had a “semi-” storm (with more snow) and temperatures have really dropped.  I think it was minus 25 Celcius the other night, and the wind chill was really nasty for a few days this week.

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

4 thoughts on “Goals, Goals, Goals

  1. Kat says:

    We had our first snow this weekend, but now it looks like we’ll be getting a break through this weekend. Praise god. I get that I live on the tundra, but for some reason, that never makes it easier.


  2. Terzah says:

    I’m at my sis-in-law’s in Virginia, where it’s balmy and in the 60s (F). I’m not used to the temps or the humidity, so I was a sweaty mess after my run today. But it was a nice change of pace to be running in shorts again.

    Good luck with those goals. I’m taking a friend’s advice and just throwing the scale out for the week. :^)


  3. Ameena says:

    What a beautiful photo!! I can’t believe how much snow you already have. We are totally lucky because here in NY it’s a balmy 41. And it’s supposed to get up to 61 today! Lucky us.

    I indulged in a few bites of Maya’s giant cookie yesterday but aside from that I’m doing pretty good on the sweets. Hope you are too!


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