Sorry for Slacking!

It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged.  I’ve been busy studying for a mock oral exam I have coming up later this week, while trying to keep up with kid activities and my regular school stuff.  I’ve also been feeling low on energy, so when I’ve had downtime, I haven’t been blogging.

So about a week and I half ago, I committed to cutting out candy, getting several runs in, and doing my physio exercises daily.  Here’s a summary of how that went:

1) 7 days straight without candy – check

2) 4 days running – uh, didn’t happen.  Nixed my Saturday run after I had an extraordinarily bad night of sleep and didn’t plan my eating well, so that I felt terrible later in the day.  Was hit by a migraine Sunday morning – a result of Saturday’s lack of sleep and bad nutrition – which made a run out of the question for Sunday.  Went for a run Monday, hit the treadmill for some incline walking on Tuesday, and then went for a run on Wednesday.  Was going to run Thursday, but my IT band was feeling a little sore, so decided rest would be wiser.

3) Physio exercises daily – got them in Friday – Monday.  Then saw my physio Tuesday, where he gave me – and had me try out –  some new exercises, which are more strength than stretching type exercises.  Frankly just forgot to do them Wednesday and Thursday, as I was focusing on studying for my mock oral exam next week.

Overall, felt pretty good about how the week went, even though I didn’t quite hit all of my targets.  Once the week was up, though, I wasn’t feeling as motivated about keeping the sweets out of my diet.  Clearly I’ll be documenting my goals to stay on track for the next little while, yes?

I already know that this week will be crazy-busy with preparing for my big mock oral exam Thursday morning, plus kids’ hockey, plus husband’s work schedule, so I’m going to focus on 1 thing this week: NO EATING TREATS FOR THE NEXT 7 DAYS.  That’s it.  Of course, I plan to get my physio exercises in and do some running, but my main goal will be going back to cutting out the sweets again.  When I’m eating better, I feel better overall.

What are your goals for the next week?


4 thoughts on “Sorry for Slacking!

  1. Kat says:

    My goal is to be really on-track again this week with my eating and my exercising. I think if I can make having good weeks a “habit” instead of an exception, then I’ll see the results that I want.

    That being said, having a “good” week requires some effort.


  2. Ameena says:

    Great job with the candy! I managed to avoid it altogether and actually sent yet another batch with my husband yesterday. Bye bye candy!

    I have no goals other than to get through this week so I can go on vacation. 🙂


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