I Have Lost Count

It’s 9pm.  I’m bagged, but really wanted to blog tonight, so I’m typing this up then stationary biking for a bit before I call it a night a crawl into bed.  Generally, though, the past week was busier than usual, so my workouts sort of slacked off and have been very light.

Also, I’m too lazy to figure where I am in the 28 days of working out.  I’ll count where I’m at another night.

Now that that’s out of the way, I thought I’d sum up the past few days and let you know how I’ve been doing activity-wise.

Last Thursday, got up early for a 7 am appointment with a new physiotherapist.  LOVE HIM. SO MUCH. After I recounted my injury history – it took a while – he did some basic testing, and then moved on to some functional testing that I’ve never done before (I have seen 3 other physios regarding this injury…).  After that, he got me onto the treadmill and analyzed my running gait.  Being that I haven’t really been running much since the end of August, I was totally sucking wind at even an easy pace. *sigh*  He then tested a couple more things and then gave me his theory on why my IT band has been bothering me.

I’m no physio, but what I got from it is that my thoracic spine (upper back) is very tight when I run (and at all other times, of course), which forces my lumbar spine and hips to compensate for the lack of mobility above.  As a result, I don’t really use my abs when I run.  I basically have a breakdown in my running biomechanics.  So, my IT band injury is not a “true” injury, in that it isn’t there at the beginning of my run; rather, it appears only after 15-20 mins of running, when my form has broken down.  His thinking is that if we can work on my flexibility and then do some other exercises and drills to get the proper muscles firing when I run, my form should improve and my IT band should stop causing me pain.  Made sense to me.

So, he showed me how to stretch my spine and then tested my hip strength again.  After just a simple stretch, my strength improved dramatically.  Huzzah!  I now have strong hope that we’ll be able to sort this out and I will actually be able to run a half marathon rather than just train for one.  I also have the go ahead to walk/run, keeping my sessions in the 15-20 min range.

Other than the physio session/tiny bit of treadmill running, I got about 10 minutes of walking in, but that was about it Thursday.

Friday night, my husband and I went out and actually did some dancing.  A group of moms from our area put on a dance called “The Monster of All Parent Parties.”  The band was fantastic and played lots of 80’s and 90’s music – even a country version of AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long”, if you can believe it – and it was an open bar (hello, Bombay and Tanqueray).  We visited with neighbours and friends and ran into a few people we knew from kids’ activities.  I love hanging with my classmates, but there is something to be said about hanging with people your own age, not the least of which is that you all know the words to the same songs, which makes for a very lively dance floor.

After Friday’s late night (and gin consumption), I was a little slow on Saturday.  I had a massage in the morning and then ran my son to hockey practice in the afternoon.  It was a very entertaining practice because my 7 year old got to strap on the goalie pads and try out his goalsaving skills.  He’s one of the 2 smallest kids on the team, so the pads practically came up to his waist!  He did his best, though, and practiced falling down and getting up, skating around, and making some saves.  The team then had a scrimmage with the other team that was sharing the ice, so he got to see what it was like in a game-like situation.  A couple of times he fell over and had a hard time getting up quickly.  I remember thinking that he looked sort of like a turtle or a beetle on its back, legs in the air.  When I went into the dressing room after practice to help him out of this gear, he was drenched in sweat, but had a whole lot of fun.

I think I sucked it up in the evening and got a 15 minute stationary bike ride in, but I honestly can’t remember if I did for sure or not.  I think I did, but my memory is sure not what it used to be.  I’m blaming that on having kids.

I definitely got a 30 min bike in last night, because I rode while I watched The Walking Dead.  I also did some core and stretching.

Off to get a quick workout in now.


6 thoughts on “I Have Lost Count

  1. Kat says:

    I’ve definitely had runs where I’ve needed to mentally commit to good running form or else I know I will be in major pain at the end of it – I’m really glad this Physio seems to have some useful insight into what’s actually happening with your body.


  2. Marcia says:

    Wow you’re PT sounds fabulous! I recently had a bad experience with one so cherish yours.
    How cool you went out dancing. Cannot remember the last time I did that.


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