13 of 28: Lazy Sunday

That cold I’ve been complaining about?  Still here, and hitting me a little harder today.  Ugh.  Totally napped this afternoon, for, like, 3 hours.  Since I was feeling so crappy, I rode the stationary bike for 20 minutes at a VERY easy pace, just to get my heart rate up a little.  I felt better for about 10 minutes and am now back to making friends with my box of Kleenex.

Didn’t get much done today, since I was too busy feeling sorry for myself re: this cold, but I did watch the season premiere of The Walking Dead, of course.  Also ran the kids to CanSkate in the afternoon.  I’m working on finishing up my meal plan for the week, but I’m totally feeling uninspired.  If anyone has good (and healthy) slow cooker recipes, send ’em my way!  I could use a few new ones to add into the rotation.

I think we found ourselves a babysitter!  She’ll be starting this week.  Her references were good, so hopefully it goes well (and my children don’t scare her off – haha!).



4 thoughts on “13 of 28: Lazy Sunday

  1. Kat says:

    Lady, I can’t believe this cold just will NOT go away! I’m glad that you tried to burn it out (Lord knows I’m a major fan of that method). It’s the effort that counts. Also, I have no experience with slow cookers, but I’m supposed to be actioning something with my sister in law in two weekends. If you come up with anything good, please share!!!


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