12 of 28: Saturday Night’s Alright (No Fighting Involved)

  • Got my workout in this morning.  Rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes while I watched The Walking Dead.  We have Netflix, which has The Walking Dead Season 1, and since the new season starts tonight – so excited – I thought I’d re-watch the 6 episodes from last year.  Yes, I totally have a fixation with zombies (also, vampires), but this show goes beyond that.  If you haven’t seen it, I would totally check it out.
  • Ran my son to a birthday party in the afternoon while my husband took my daughter to a pumpkin-carving party.  I think they both had fun, and I had time to run a couple of errands.
  • Interviewed a babysitter late in the afternoon.  We have been looking for someone to watch the kids after school most days of the week, run them to hockey if we can’t, get supper started, and make lunches.  We had one no-show for an interview, one who was a total dud, and then this one, who seems really, really good.
  • We had planned to go out to a movie in the evening, so we had a babysitter lined up, but 1) we got a phone call from friends inviting us over for drinks and 2) my husband’s sister had our daughter in the afternoon and was quite late dropping her off, so we were too late to go to the movie we wanted to see (Moneyball).  My husband was strangely upset about not going to see a movie.  I say strangely because he’s far more extroverted than I am, so usually he’s the one who wants to go get together with people and would normally have suggested we drop the movie plans and be social.
  • Instead of a movie, we grabbed a bite (but man is it busy Saturday night, so it took a while before we found somewhere that wasn’t lined up) and then headed over to our friends’ house for a couple of drinks.  We met some new people and had a very nice time.  It was very relaxed and fun, but I’m still not feeling 100% with this cold so I was ready to go by the time we had to go home and get our babysitter dropped off.  In bed by 11:30pm.
Sunday workout plans: just some moderate cardio, and maybe some core.  Nothing too strenuous.  Hoping to fit a nap in there, too, in an effort to get rid of this cold for good!

3 thoughts on “12 of 28: Saturday Night’s Alright (No Fighting Involved)

  1. Kat says:

    I mean, it sucks that one of the babysitting interviews was a no show, but at least that gives you really clear answer? I hope that person #3 works out!

    Good luck banishing your cold – I swear, the patience needed to wait them out is unlike anything else.


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