11 of 28: Recovering

Well, I’m feeling much, much better and my cold is going away.  That being said, I may have pushed a little hard in my workout tonight, because as I was stretching after my stationary biking + full body strength workout, I felt a little nauseous.  Ah well, it passed and I feel really proud of myself for getting my workout in.

I tried out a new mp3 workout called Spin Coach – Volume 1 tonight.  I didn’t do all of it – I thought that would really be pushing it considering I stayed home Tuesday and half of Wednesday and barely moved from the couch – but I followed the workout for about 35 minutes, before slowing down a little.  In total, I put in 45 minutes on my stationary bike and my legs were done by the end of it.

I didn’t stop there, though (even though I was sorely tempted to – not gonna lie).  I moved on to some strength training and cranked out some pushups, bicep curls, upright rows, lateral raises to overhead presses, bent over rows to triceps kickbacks, lunges, squats, side lunges, and single leg squats.

A few plans for tomorrow.  My son has a birthday party to attend in the afternoon, my husband and I are interviewing a babysitter, and we’re also bringing in a babysitter so that we can go see Moneyball in the evening.  Guess that means I should get my workout in in the morning!  Think I’ll do some cardio tomorrow, either walking or stationary biking.

Next week I see a new physio, and I’m hoping I can start sorting out what’s going on with my IT band.  Even though I’ve barely been running and have been stretching (but not foam rolling – I should probably get back to doing that), it definitely feels tight.

Anything fun planned for your weekend?


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