8 of 28: Upper Body Workout

By the time I got home tonight (after my daughter’s hockey practice and a meeting for the parents of my kids’ school), I was beat.  I was so tempted to just call it a night and hit the hay early, but I didn’t.  Instead, I thought about how much better I always feel after I workout – energized, proud that I fit it in, stronger – and got out the dumbbells.  I did an upper body workout balancing on my Bosu, with a little lower body thrown in there.  As I relaxed against my Bosu after my last set of incline chest press, I drifted off.  You know you’re tired when you wall asleep on the living room floor, using a Bosu as a pillow…

Eating wise, I was much improved over the non-stop eating and consumption of sugar that was my weekend.  I did have a slice of poppy seed loaf at supper time, but not on it’s own.  Still, I think it definitely counts as a treat, so boo to that.  I didn’t meet my goal there.  Tomorrow is another day, though.

Goals for tomorrow:

  • no treats
  • 30 min of cardio (stationary bike or walking)
It’s going to be another busy day tomorrow.  We’re spending the evening interviewing babysitters, so I think it’ll be challenging to fit those 30 minutes in.
What’s your favourite upper body strength move?  I love pushups because they’re hard and work more than one body part.  I also love incline pullups for the same reason.

7 thoughts on “8 of 28: Upper Body Workout

  1. Terzah says:

    You are doing great with your goals! Don’t sweat the small slips.

    My new favorite upper body exercise is the assisted chin-up. I’m trying to work up to doing one unassisted chin-up, so I’m hoping to see my assist weight go down to nothing!


  2. emilyb says:

    Plank pose and also push-ups with my feet on an exercise ball (if I’m ambitious, I alternate between push ups and pulling the ball in with my legs for an extra core move).


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