Day 4 of 28: Success and Randomness

4 days in a row is good, right?  Tonight I rode my stationary bike for 25 minutes (easy) and then did an upper body circuit.  My quads were burning, my shoulders were burning, and I feel really good about sticking to my plan.

I realized today that I haven’t really been blogging about  my life today, so I thought I’d talk about something other than my exercise goals a little.

On the school front, I had an interesting morning.  Today I had oral surgery roster, which means that I was assigned a patient who needed some teeth pulled.  In oral surgery, we’re supervised by an oral surgeon, who helps us assess our patients cases, provides us with advice (because obviously they know a whole lot more than we do as students), and quizzes us (ostensibly to ensure we’re prepared, but also for their own fun, in my opinion).  So, when I went in to see the oral surgeon before proceeding with the case, I was unable to answer several of questions he asked (super embarrassing), and then when I was extracting a patient’s teeth, the roots broke and I left behind root tips for all 3 teeth I was taking out.  I felt rather bad about it, but talked to the oral surgeon about it afterward, and he said that roots can break, especially when the roots are long like they were in the patient I saw.  Whew.  Luckily, he was super chill about the whole thing and I learned quite a bit though the experience.  Some of our instructors are amazing (like the one I had today), and then some are…not.  And some are really, REALLY not.

With all the working out that has been going on around here (slight exaggeration for effect), I’ve had the opportunity to check out some T.V. while lifting weights/doing cardio.  As I perused the T.V. show offerings on Netflix, I stumbled across a couple of old favourites: The X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I haven’t seen The X-Files for what seems like forever.  I’ve seen Buffy more recently, but both (X-Files and Buffy) are like old friends: they are comfortable to be with and they make me ever so happy. I’m looking forward to watching them again, right from the beginning.

Tomorrow both kids have hockey practice.  Then, my husband’s family is having Thanksgiving dinner, so we’ll be rushing out to my husband’s dad’s farm right after hockey.  Sunday, my family will be having Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house, and then we’ll be back home in time for another hockey practice near supper-time Monday.  I’m really looking forward to this long weekend, though I know not over-indulging will be an issue.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE pumpkin pie, not to mention everything else that goes along with Thanksgiving.  Well, actually, I don’t love turkey – I’d rather eat chicken. 🙂

I’m starting to nod off as I type this, so it’s definitely time for bed.

Do you love pumpkin pie?  What’s your favourite part of the Thanksgiving meal?

P.S. I wrote this last night but apparently didn’t hit publish.  Oops!



3 thoughts on “Day 4 of 28: Success and Randomness

  1. Kat says:

    Oh lord. I can’t believe that the kids are already going to hockey practice again!!! I love it.

    I was sweating right there with you reading about your oral surgery experience. I’m glad that the surgeon you were working with was focused on teaching you/building up your skills instead of tearing you down. Those are the best learning experiences.

    p.s. Go streak, go!


  2. Terzah says:

    Wow, that image of the broken tooth root will be with me for a while! It sounds like a positive experience in the end, though. I’m so glad there are people in the world who want to learn the skills you are learning!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you from south of the border. :^)


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