Quick Life Update

I’m still here, just busy with school.  Had a great time with my friend’s wedding this past weekend and had a chance to visit with family and old friends, too.  My daughter danced up a storm at the reception, but my son went back and hung out with with grandpa and played Wii.

We have another busy weekend coming up.  This weekend is the College of Dentistry Fall Formal.  I’m getting my hair done and makeup applied, and I’m wearing a dress (which does NOT happen often, let me tell ya).  Also on the agenda: hockey Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday sometime.  After this weekend, we’ve got a weekend without plans (except for CanSkate and probably more hockey), and then it’s the Thanksgiving long weekend.  Yippee!  Which will be busy, but at least there’s an extra day in there.

I feel like I’m finally getting to my to-do list, but workouts have still been non-existent. I am booked in to see a physio who specializes in running injuries next month, so hopefully I can start getting my IT band injury/hip problems under control.

That’s all for now!


10 thoughts on “Quick Life Update

  1. Kat says:

    1. I’m really glad that you’re going to see someone who specializes in running injuries – like you said, We Are Not Those People. We Will Run Again.

    2. Obviously we’re going to need some snaps from the Fall Formal 🙂


  2. Liisa at Fit for a Kid says:

    Have fun at the formal – just the preparations alone sound fun. I hope your specialist helps to work out your issues. Recently, I had really good results for a hip injury with a chiro who practices the Active Release Technique (ART)… and I love/hate my foam roller for the IT band – but I’m pretty sure I’ve read that you use this already.


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