It’s Ba-ack: Another IT Band Flare-Up

I tweaked my left IT band on Sunday during my long run, around the 8.5k mark.  I feel like it’s a repeat of last summer.  It’s almost more frustrating this year, though, because I started training earlier, with less volume, thinking that by easing back into running I would head off injury.  Not so much.

My IT band had been feeling quite a bit better lately, though, since I switched physios, but I recently started running more often based on the training plan a friend of mine (with the appropriate qualifications) put together.  Clearly my body wasn’t liking it, so it’s back to less running for now.

I’ve been icing, taking Advil, foam rolling, and continuing with my hip strengthening exercises.  Instead of running tonight, I hit the local Y and rode a stationary bike and I’m seeing my physio later this week.

As you can imagine, I’m not feeling good about my race at all.  As I mentioned in my last post, I feel unprepared, what with the delays in my training due to my IT band injury and my training inconsistency this summer.  Topping it off now is this injury flare-up.  Gah!

Moving on to the rest of my life, I’m almost done work for the summer.  3 days left and then I get to move back home!  I am SO looking forward to sleeping in my own bed.  There’s nothing like the feel of crawling under the covers of your own bad and cozying in for the night.  Can’t wait.

On an unrelated note, our babysitter, who had 4 days left of part-time work for us, quit today.  It was quite the mad scramble this morning, but the kids made it where they needed to, but it definitely was a bad start to the day for sure.

On the other hand, I had the opportunity to have lunch with my husband due to one of my patient’s cancelling.  I had an amazing Garden Tuna Niscoise [their spelling] Salad, which has the following description:

It was light and delicious.  The tuna was perfect.

Well, I’m off to ice, foam-roll, and do some hip exercises, then to bed.  Hope you had a great day!



4 thoughts on “It’s Ba-ack: Another IT Band Flare-Up

  1. Ameena says:

    Sorry about the IT Band flare up. Sorry about the flaky babysitter! But I’m glad you are almost done and can go home…there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed, absolutely.

    Take care of yourself. Don’t push if you aren’t feeling up to it or you’ll end up with a crappy knee (or fill in the blank) like me!!


  2. Kat says:

    Oh my word. Only four days left? I can hardly believe that the summer has passed us by so quickly! Finish strong, lady! That bed of yours is ready and waiting 🙂


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