A Week in Review: They Can’t All Be Good Runs

As I stated in this post, I missed my workouts Monday and Tuesday, and had to limit my workout to lifting weights on Wednesday.  On Thursday, I had an unexpected daytime opportunity to run 7k.  On Friday, I ran 200m intervals.  I had another 7k run scheduled for Saturday, but my legs were toast after my intervals Friday, so I settled for walking to, from, and around the Regina Ex with my family (probably a total of 3.5k).

Today was a 14k long run.  My legs felt tired from the start.  My GI tract was giving me some trouble, so I decide to go out and back twice, just in case I needed to use my washroom mid-run.  Luckily, the washroom access was largely unnecessary, but even though I made it through my run without “the trots,” I struggled somewhat with fueling and ended up with some GI discomfort later in my run.   Too much GU, Powerade, and water for my stomach to handle, I think.  Usually I use a combo of Gu, Gatorade, and water, but because the race I’m running will have Powerade, I’ve been testing that out.  It seems more concentrated or something and did not sit well today.  My stomach felt heavy and sort of crampy after I took in some Gu and water around the 11.5k mark and I had a heck of a time running through it.  To top it off, my knee started to ache a little around the 12k mark, so I walked the last 1.5k or so.  Ah well, guess all workouts can’t be good.

I’m working around my husband’s schedule again this week, so here’s what my week looks like:

  • Monday – 8k
  • Tuesday – speed/intervals
  • Wednesday – strength
  • Thursday – off
  • Friday – hills + strength
  • Saturday – 8k
  • Sunday – 16k
I’m seeing my physio again this week and have been foam rolling, so here’s hoping my IT band issue stays under control.
What’s your week look like?

4 thoughts on “A Week in Review: They Can’t All Be Good Runs

  1. Holly says:

    GI issues are the worst while running — I’m glad you tested out the Powerade but too bad it didn’t sit well with you. For the most part that stuff sits well with me, but I have to be careful with the timing of having my Gu or Sport Beans with water.

    My week: Lift tonight, Run Tues and Wed, then vacation the rest of the week. I’m not sure if I’ll get actual workouts in, we will see!


  2. Kat says:

    I found that the Honey Stinger Chews have really been doing it for me lately – highly recommend. They don’t stick to your teeth and besides making my stomach feel “warm,” they haven’t done anything…upsetting.


  3. bubblymel says:

    My week has been no workouts till Tomorrow morning where I do my surprise class (which kills me but I love it) then another early morning workout on Thursday I have a playgroup Mum’s dinner Friday night and on Saturday I’m going to go for a run outside!!! That night we have an awards dinner for the CFA (volunteer fire brigade) and on Sunday hopefully I’ll head to the gym for another workout!!


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