Burpees Rock (or so I keep telling myself)

Did my first honest-to-goodness, all-planned-out strength workout in a long time last night.  A friend of mine – with an exercise physiology and adventure-racing background – put together a plan for me.  Since September 2009, my workouts have been put together by my trainer, but since not only am I not living at home this summer, but also my much beloved trainer moved to Calgary (if you live in Calgary and need a trainer, though, check out Lindsay Byers’ website), I had to find someone to help me come up with a training plan.

You know when a workout starts with burpees that it’s gonna kick your butt.  I am definitely sore today, as a result, but in that good way that reminds you every time you move that you accomplished something physical.

On the other hand, it’s been a challenging week from a scheduling perspective.  I really have no excuse for not having got my workout in Monday, except to say that I ran/walked 12k Sunday and honestly thought Monday was a rest day – until I checked my workout plan at 10pm that night.  Oops!  Too late (and too tired) to work out.

And then Tuesday, my husband and I went out for supper with his boss.  I was not smart enough to get up early that morning to go for the 7k run, so another missed workout.  Although, the neighbourhood I’m renting a house in is a little sketchy, so I’m not sure I’d be that comfortable out running at 5:30am, anyway.

Last night was supposed to be hills and strength, but my husband’s work schedule changed last minute, so he was unexpectedly out of town, leaving me with the kids.  So, no hills, because I couldn’t see that dragging my kids to “the hill” while I ran hill repeats would work, but maybe I’ll try it another time when my husband’s around and see how it goes.

Today I managed to get a 7k run in in the morning.  I had one patient no show and another cancel, so my schedule suddenly opened up.  Since I was babysitting my nephew plus would have my kids tonight, I figured I’d better take advantage of the opportunity to get my workout out of the way.  I tried a 5 min running, 1 min walking pattern and it was okay.  I think my legs feel better when I do 4 and 1’s, though.  The knee and IT band are feeling pretty good, and a lot of that has to do with breaking my running up with walking, as well as the physiotherapy and strengthening I’ve been doing.

Work is going fairly well.  I’m learning something everyday, but I’m finding that there’s a lot of negativity in the office and it’s rather draining.  I’m what I would describe as “pragmatic” (and perhaps others might describe as pessimistic), but here, I look like a cheerful optimist.  It’s something to think about, though, as I make my way on the path to owning my own dental practice.  What do I want the work environment to be like and how do I foster that?

On the weight loss front, I have neither gained nor lost.  The weekend eating is still a struggle for me and I just haven’t been able to come to grips with it.

How’s your summer so far?  Have you accomplished what you wanted to, or have unexpected “opportunities” caused you to veer from your original plans?  Or maybe you just go with the flow and let summer steer you where it will?

5 thoughts on “Burpees Rock (or so I keep telling myself)

  1. Kat says:

    Working in negative work environment can be so challenging. I mean, I feel like everyone is allowed their low moments, but when you’re with a pack of Debbie Downers, it’s horrible.

    Not gaining is better than having gained instead of lost. Just focus on one battle at a time right now – you will win the war.


  2. bubblymel says:

    I am saying bring on Summer!!! It’s winter here and we only have one month left before spring!! I cannot wait!! This year might be the first in ages that I will have to buy smaller sized summer clothes instead of larger ones!! I hate when I plan to work out and it get’s put to side because of unexpected events!! Keep up the good work!


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