Feeling Great

I had a great run today.  It wasn’t because it felt easy (it didn’t), it wasn’t because of the beautiful weather (sunny, windy, and warm), and it wasn’t because of the path I took (quite a pretty route).

No, there were 2 things that made my run today great.  First, I was done work an hour earlier than usual, so going for a run was like a fun surprise.  Second, around 5.5k, I wanted to quit.  I was hot, tired, and my left hip was feeling tight.  I didn’t quit, though, and finished off my 7k run.  Perseverance = good.

After watching my kids play at the park for awhile (while still in my sweat-soaked running clothes, I might add.  Gross, yes, but I sacrificed for the kids :)), and a quick supper of eggs, toast, and cucumbers, I had a nice, warm bath.  That was great, too.  While soaking, I relaxed and had some time to revel in my post-run feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction.

And then I heard a crash from downstairs – my daughter had knocked something over – and my break was over. Reality crashing down, so to speak, I suppose: packing lunches, brushing and flossing, and bedtime.

Have you had a great run (or workout) lately?  What made it great?


6 thoughts on “Feeling Great

  1. Holly says:

    I’m glad you had a great run — I love when I feel like running more than my original plan called for — that usually means I’m feeling really good!


  2. Kat says:

    I’ve been trying to get some serious speed training in, since it’s still inappropriately hot for running outside. I’d say that’s left me feeling accomplished lately 🙂


  3. bubblymel says:

    I have been going to a class every wednesday morning called a surprise class as each week it is different. I like it cos it totally kicks my butt and I burn a ton of calories!!


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