Roll with it

Struggled with an almost-migraine today.  It may have been just a really bad tension headache, but was accompanied by the occasional bout of nausea and some visual disturbances.  Luckily, I didn’t have a heavy day at work so I actually went home for a few hours and laid in the dark.  It helped but didn’t totally get rid of the headache.  Still have it.  Must book a massage, because it’s probably a bad thing when your shoulders are up by your ears.

Moving on, was going to run tonight but was still feeling crappy due to the headache situation, so I didn’t.  But, I did foam roll and stretch and then did some hip/glute strengthening stuff.  After that, I was feeling pretty good, so I ended up doing a full body workout.  Sometimes you just have to roll with it, I guess.  Didn’t seem to make my headache worse or anything, but I think the run would have, just due to the greater intensity.

My daughter is no longer loving the cast.  They go swimming everyday at her daycamp and she was promising me today that she would put her cast on “one of those boards” (flutter board) so it wouldn’t get wet.  Poor girl.


2 thoughts on “Roll with it

  1. Holly says:

    Too bad for your daughter — I remember having stitches in my finger (middle finger of course!) and having a big bandage on top that could not get wet — I would swim with my hand sticking out of the water (and it would look like I’m flipping everyone off). I can’t imagine having to keep my whole arm out of the water!

    Sorry to hear about your headache — those are the worst!


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