Week in Review, and a Broken Wrist

Monday: Too hot to run. Postponed (the long-run I had postponed from Sunday) to Tuesday.

Tuesday: Went over to my sister’s to use the treadmill and had a horrible run.  Called it after 2 miles.

Wednesday: We were going to take the kids to a movie but my husband didn’t read the info properly and the movie we wanted to see wasn’t playing at the theatre we went to.  No movie.

Thursday: Went over to our friends’ house for a fantastic BBQ.  But then my daughter fell off the play structure and broke her wrist.  I got a migraine around the same time.  The good news was that the medi-clinic we went to was pretty much empty, so we didn’t have to wait long to see the doctor.

Friday: X-rays first thing in the morning.  Had to cancel my patients and we didn’t know what was going on with my daughter because they didn’t give us a diagnosis.  Scheduled to meet the orthopedist at 4pm.  Instructed not to feed my daughter anything, though they didn’t specifically say they thought surgery was an option.  Didn’t have to wait long once we got to the hospital.  Surgery wasn’t necessary and my daughter got a bright pink cast.  My migraine was lingering.  My girl and I both went to bed at 7:30pm

Saturday: Woke up feeling better after 12 hours sleep.  Had a fantastic day.  Saw The Zookeeper, tried out desserts at Le Macaron and bought a dozen macarons to take home, hit a park and let the kids run around while we enjoyed the sunshine.  Went for a fast-for-me 4k run and then we grabbed some supper.  Spent the rest of the night relaxing.

Sunday: 10k run/walk.  Legs felt kinda dead, which was probably because of the fast-for-me 4k I ran 14 hours earlier.  Weather was great, though, with sunshine and a breeze.  Even though I didn’t have a lotta oomph during my run, my legs didn’t feel too bad afterward.  Did notice my knee started to ache a touch around the 9.5k mark, which is pretty decent. After the run, chatted with an old neighbour we happened to bump into and had an interesting conversation about virtual identities for kids.  Ate lunch outside, found a really nice play structure near the place we’re renting, and then watched the Riders beat the Alouettes and win their first this season – I didn’t think that was going to happen.  Got a ton of laundry and the grocery-shopping done, and watched Limitless while curled up in bed with my husband.  A perfect Sunday.

On tap this week:

2 x 7k runs, 12k run, 3 strength sessions, and more foam-rolling than I’ve been doing.

Have you ever broken anything? I broke my left hand when I was 18 but certainly didn’t get a colourful cast.


8 thoughts on “Week in Review, and a Broken Wrist

  1. Jolene (www.everydayfoodie.ca) says:

    😦 Sorry to hear about your daughter’s wrist.

    I have never broken anything, but I have a friend who just recently snapped his tibula in half playing soccer. He is in a full leg cast for 6 weeks, then a half leg cast for 6 weeks, then a walking cast for 6 weeks. I cannot imagine.


  2. Kat says:

    What a weekend – you are officially a survivor in my book. And throwing a migraine into the mix? Yow!

    I’ve never broken anything *knock on wood* and am really hoping that I don’t change that streak of mine.


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