Losing My Cool (in more ways than one)

Got a 6k run under my belt today.  It was pretty hot, though – for around here – with a temp of 26 degrees C when I headed out just after 6pm.  Also, with all the moisture we’ve got going on around here, I was surprised the humidity wasn’t worse.

I’m totally loving the hot weather, though, even if it’s not the best for running.  We get so little summer here in Saskatchewan that temps above 20 degrees Celcius must be enjoyed, regardless of what you have to do outside (the construction guys out there might disagree…).

But back to my run…I ran 4 minute intervals with 1 minute walk breaks, and ran a total of 6k.  It was hard, I was super sweaty when it was over, and my heart rate was getting rather high during the last few intervals, but I got ‘er done and felt great afterward.

Not great enough to not freak out on my daughter when she started taunting me from her time out – upon which point her dad took over – but really relaxed and content until my daughter’s attitude (she’s 5) got the better of me.

Apparently I don’t know how to do this time out thing with my girl.  With my son, who’s about 2 years older, time outs worked great, so I’m totally scratching my head, trying to figure out what to do to discipline my daughter, who, according to her report card from preschool is “pleasant, strong minded and determined.”  Ha!  It doesn’t help that she’s not really into anything, so you can’t really take anything away.  I’ve tried it – she laughed in my face every time.  “Okay, Mommy, I don’t care.”  Bah.  This parenting thing is frustrating, harder than imagined, makes me feel completely incompetent, etc., etc.  I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on this one, though. 🙂

What’s your favourite season?  Mine, hands down, is summer.  Still am trying to figure out why exactly I live where I do, since we have winter for most of the year…


4 thoughts on “Losing My Cool (in more ways than one)

  1. Kat says:

    Oh, I love summer because it gives us something to look forward to after winter. But really, I love spring and fall because the sheer joy that comes with the warming and the cooling is absolutely incomparable.


  2. bubblymel says:

    I love Autumn, because it is normally warm (in our part of the world) but not too hot, I do enjoy summer but sometimes it is so freakin’ hot I just can’t breathe!! Winter here is cold but not as cold as you experience I actually have a friend who lives in Lake Charlotte, Nova Scotia and she says that sometimes they can get snowed in!!! Now that to me is waaaaaaay too cold!!


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