Happy Canada Day, and a Fitness Lull

Celebrated Canada Day yesterday. Unfortunately, the weather was not the best during the day, but it cleared up around supper-time and we were able to enjoy a Hog Roast as the regional park, and then some fantastic fireworks later on.

On the fitness front, I’ve been in a little bit of a lull lately.  My running has been on hold somewhat as I’ve been working with a physiotherapist and an exercise therapist to sort out what’s going on with my left hip and IT band.  My kids are now with me for the summer, and while my husband will be around usually a couple of days per week, I’ve pretty much got them on my own.  Since I don’t have all of my exercise equipment with me for the summer, I’ve been scratching my head, trying to figure out what to do for cardio cross-training sessions.  I may yet haul my stationary bike from home to the place I’m renting for the summer.

I have sort of figured out a rough schedule for my workouts, though.  Basically, I plan to run 3 times per week (twice during the week, either when my husband is around or I’ll get a babysitter, and once on the weekend), cross train twice a week (and this is where I’m sort of stuck, because I would like something I could do in the house with my kids there.  I’m thinking stationary biking would be the most reasonable option, but would need to haul it from home to the place I’m living for the summer.), and strength training 2-3 times per week.

I’m also getting back to meal planning.  I recently picked up a couple of new cookbooks and tried 3 new recipes last week.  I loved them all.  My kids were not big fans of the Mango Chicken Quinoa recipe from Quinoa 365, but I loved it.  The other two recipes I tried, though, were big hits.  The Cranberry Chicken Bake recipe from Simply Great Food was easy to put together and so flavourful.  Both kids pounded it back, and my daughter gave it her highest endorsement in the form of humming – she hums when she eats food she loves.  I also tried out Simply Great Food’s Hamburger Noodle Casserole.  I was a little worried it would be too spicy for the kids, because it had a little jalapeno pepper in it, but they both loved it.    The great thing about all of the recipes is that they made enough for us to have leftovers, so I had healthy lunches for work.

Tomorrow I’m going to meal plan, get a run in, watch the Rider game, and get things ready for the kids to head to daycamp this week.  I haven’t checked the weather, but I hope it’ll be like today: warm but not too hot, a little breezy, and very sunny.

How are you spending your long weekend?


5 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day, and a Fitness Lull

  1. Holly @ The Runny Egg says:

    Yesterday I helped my mother in law get her house ready for the big family BBQ at her house on Monday — today we’re just laying low at home, and then tomorrow we are going to the BBQ. The weather has been so nice and I hope it sticks around!


  2. Kat says:

    This weekend has been dedicated to Organizing, mostly. But tomorrow we’ll grill with my family, which should be lovely. I’m always a fan of steaks so, I’m there…you know?

    P.S. Happy Belated Canada Day!


  3. Ameena says:

    Why don’t kids like quinoa? I love it but my daughter won’t touch it either. It bothers me to no end.

    And the fitness lull…I am in one too. Can’t seem to snap out of it…I feel your pain!


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