My eating was less-than-healthy yesterday.  I munched my way through movie popcorn, peanut butter M&M’s, toffee, a mushroom-Monterey Jack burger, sweet potato fries, and a ginormous spoonful of peanut butter.  I have to say, though, that I enjoyed every mouthful.

Back to healthier eating today, though.  And I’ll be planning meals for the week.  My kids are now officially with me for the summer, so planning is more important because:

  1. If I don’t plan, I’ll be scrambling at supper time, and hungry kids + hungry mom = bad news.
  2. We’ve got a babysitter this week and I need to have a plan for her for the kids’ lunches.
  3. Meals are always healthier when I plan them out.
My meal plans have felt a little stale lately so I picked up a couple of new cookbooks, Simply Great Food (by the Dietitians of Canada) and Quinoa 365.  I’ll be trying out a few new recipes this week, including Cranberry Chicken Bake (from Simply Great Food) and Mango Chicken Quinoa (from Quinoa 365).
On Tuesday, I’ll be seeing my physiotherapist and an exercise physiologist for a running gait analysis.  Both the physio and exercise therapist are friends of mine.  Hopefully we can sort out what’s going on with my hip!  This past week, I’ve been using a tennis ball on my psoas (painful), but I got a couple of runs in this week, so I’m happy.  I also did upper body one day.  I’ll be doing more strength today, but I’ve definitely been slacking on the core work, which is not helpful for my hip.  Must do better this week.





5 thoughts on “Snacking

  1. Kat says:

    I use a softball when I’m rolling because it was the only thing we had handy…hahahaha.

    Coming home, the realization that I had absolutely no meal plan whatsoever was completely overwhelming. I SO agree with point #3.


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