Date Night

My training schedule included an 11k run today.  I ran none.

My IT band felt a little achy today, but not too bad.  Still, I thought it’d be best to give it another day’s rest before running on it.

11k tomorrow, or else a heck of a bike ride!  Am considering getting a second opinion on my IT band/psoas thing.  It doesn’t hurt to do that, right?

My husband and I had a date tonight.  Out for dinner at Calories, where I had the most delicious beef tenderloin ever.  So good.  Served with eggplant, polenta, and asparagus.  Then hit up the local cinema and watched X-Men: First Class.  We were going to go see The Bridesmaids, but sadly it was sold out.

FYI – we both liked X-Men.  My husband commented at the end that he thought that this new X-men movie blew the others out of the water.  Here’s Lainey’s review, which is far more entertaining and knowledgeable than anything I could ever put together.

You know what topped the movie, though?  I resisted the pretzel M&M’s my husband bought at the movie.  You know what made that possible?  Knowing that I’m going to have a treat tomorrow.  I’ve got a plan and I’m sticking to it.

I’ve been thinking of what I’d like to have as a treat for a couple of days now.  I have it narrowed down to (a) homemade cake balls or (b) one of my favourite chocolate cakes ever, called Ding-a-ling Cake.  It’s my grandma’s recipe and has so much confectioner’s sugar in the icing that my teeth are practically aching right now.  I’m leaning toward the chocolate cake – with a cold glass of milk on the side.  I’ll let you know tomorrow what I decide.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  Any workouts in your plans?


8 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Ameena says:

    A restaurant called Calories? What a unique marketing twist…I wonder what variety of customers they get?

    I just went for a 45 minute walk. I’m going to count that as my exercise for the day. 🙂

    Have a great Sunday!


    • mostlyfitmom says:

      Good to know about the cake balls! Think I’ll try them next weekend, as a trial run for my son’s birthday party. I went with my grandma’s super-sweet chocolate cake. It’s cooling right now, and I just want to dig in with a spoon!


  2. Kat says:

    I LOVE that the restaurant is called Calories! I, of course had to check out the menu and it just looks delightful 🙂

    I did a 10 miler yesterday (my goal was to do between 10-15 and after 10 I was just…done) and some yoga today. At this point, really anything to take the edge off will do.


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