A Shortened Run and My Dining Room Table

Well, f*ck.

Sorry about the semi-profanity, but a couple of km’s into my 6k run today, my knee and hip started feeling twinge-y.  At about 3k, I figured the smart thing to do would be to walk the rest of the way home and hop on the bike instead of running because the twinge was moving up the pain ladder to strong ache.  I was very tempted to try and push through, but after I yelled at myself (inside my head, not aloud on the street), “NO! Do the smart thing and ride the bike,” I walked the half km or so home and jumped on my ancient stationary bike.

I’ve stretched, iced, will be foam rolling and icing some more.  I’ve got an appointment with my physical therapist Monday and will be sure to baby my IT band over the weekend.  There’s NO WAY I want this achy-ness to blow up into a full-blown injury.

What’s especially frustrating, though, is that I feel like I’m doing everything my physical therapist is telling me to do (and more), but the problem still hasn’t resolved itself.  I just want to run without worrying that this IT band thing will flare up.

Everything else about today’s run felt good.  I was able to maintain a steady, easy pace and my heart rate was actually at a reasonable level.  My legs were a little stiff still from Tuesday’s workout with my trainer, but not killer (my abs are in WAY more pain).  The weather was on the cool side, but the rain that the grey clouds were threatening me with held off until this evening.  What more could you ask for?  [Um, how about no lateral knee pain!?!]

Tomorrow, more biking and strength.  I haven’t checked the forecast but I”m hoping the rain goes away so I can ride my bike outside.  Not loving the stationary bike right now.

Tomorrow, I’m also tackling this:


Yes, that’s my dining room table.  Yes, I’m embarrassed to show you the terrible state it’s in, because clearly the clutter has taken over.  Almost as good as my desk, right?  I swear I’m not always this messy; the school year tends to throw things into disarray.

Ah, the adventure never ends around here….



11 thoughts on “A Shortened Run and My Dining Room Table

  1. stacey says:

    I am in physio right now for my knee which we found has been hurting my IT band which has been hurting from dropping my pelvis when I run. They did an assessment of my running to pinpoint some things to work on. Not sure if that is something you have had done, if not might not hurt to ask if they can.


    • mostlyfitmom says:

      Oh, yes, we have done a few assessments. I might actually try out a formal running assessment at a new sport medicine centre that opened up in our area, but it’s a little pricey, so we’ll see. Plus, I’m in Regina starting the 13th, so I’m running out of time around here! Where are you going for physio?


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