It hasn’t hit me quite yet

I wrote my last exam this afternoon, and now I’m trying to adjust to “normal” life.  Honestly, when I don’t have something to study, it feels…weird.  It hasn’t hit me quite yet that the non-stop studying of the last 2 weeks is over – until next year, at least.

I didn’t get my workout in this morning, which was really the only thing that didn’t go according to plan.  I went downstairs to ride my stationary bike and found it underneath the stairs, tucked behind the treadmill, which was, in turn, in behind a bunch of construction material from the development of our basement.  I wasn’t in the mood to dig it out, so I just studied instead.

Read my first post-exam book tonight.  Have you heard of Divergent by Veronica Roth?  I read about it on the Lainey Gossip website, in her review here.  If, like me, you loved The Hunger Games series, then you’re going to enjoy this book, too.  Since it’s a Young Adult novel, I figured it would be a nice, easy read, not too heavy for my tired-from-studying brain, and I was satisfied.

I also got to see my husband and kids for the first time since Sunday!  After my husband made it home from his weeklong conference, he and I drove out to my parents, listening to some old school songs that I know all the words to, and were greeted with big hugs and kisses from our kids, who were ridiculously happy to see us.  It is sure nice to be loved with that kind of intensity.  I feel warm and snuggly inside just thinking about it.

That’s all I’ve got tonight. I’ll be back tomorrow with some goals for the summer!  Just a hint: it’s going to involve me getting in the best shape I’ve been in since high school.  No big deal. 🙂

Any exciting weekend plans?  What’s your favourite on-the-road song?


6 thoughts on “It hasn’t hit me quite yet

  1. Kat says:


    CONGRATULATIONS! I will be having a glass of wine for you tonight, lady!

    This weekend? We’re having another celebratory dinner for our wedding with some family friends, going to a birthday party and my brother graduates from college on Sunday, Marcus graduates with his MBA on Monday.

    Hello, crazy, it is me.


  2. Holly @ The Runny Egg says:

    You’re done!!! Congratulations!!!

    Thanks for that book recommendation. I’m reading Uglies which I think you would like since you liked Hunger Games.

    Weekend plans: helping my aunt-to-be with lots of wedding stuff!


  3. Karen R says:

    How nice to see your kids! I know how you feel about exams. I’m sure you were great 🙂 I just got my scores and I did not pass the CA Bar Exam. So I know what I will be doing this summer, in addition to working and all the mommy stuff!


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