The End is Near, in a Good Way

This afternoon’s exam was quick and relatively painless.  I had some extra time and decided I wasn’t going to spend it studying.  My motivation has fled, and instead of hitting the books, I find myself looking ahead to next week.  I feel as though as soon as these exams are done in roughly 46 hours, I will regain my life, or maybe even be reborn, another survivor of 3rd year dental school.

It sounds very dramatic, and really, it’s not.  People go through school all the time.  Sure this school year has been very taxing mentally, but the fact that I have the luxury to complain about it brings into clear relief just how good my life is overall.  I can afford to go dental school, live a good life without cutting back on any luxuries, and be sure that I can earn enough once I’m done to pay back the debt I’ve incurred without much trouble.  I’ve got amazing support from my husband, who not only works full-time at a job that requires fairly frequent travel, but also this year has done most of the shopping, laundry, taking the kids to and from school and their activities, and generally let me have the evenings to study.  On top of that, my parents have helped out when we’ve needed them to by taking care of the kids when my husband and I were overloaded.  I am fitter and lighter than I have been in years, and though my workouts dropped off due to my school schedule this year, I still found time to get in a couple or 3 workouts per week and met with my trainer when I could.  My kids are healthy, mostly happy, and are enrolled in a wonderful school where their teachers have done an amazing job getting the kids interested in learning, supporting them not only at an educational level, but also helping them develop their interpersonal and emotional skills.

In short, life is good.  I just forgot exactly how good.

I’ve got 4 hours of studying ahead of me tonight, 7-8 hours tomorrow, and 4 hours on Friday.  That’s just 16 short hours of work between me and, well, regular life.

I’m going to go study now and will try to stay in the moment, as they say.

Briefly looking ahead to tomorrow, though, here are my goals:

1. Healthy breakfast.

2. Write my exam.

3. Go for a run.

4. Study oral radiology in the afternoon and in the evening.

5. Drink more water!


1. For the afternoon: enjoy a cup of tea

2. For the evening: take a nice, hot bath

3. For the day: I can’t think of anything good right now…


5 thoughts on “The End is Near, in a Good Way

  1. Kat says:

    16 hours, seriously? Lady, you have just slogged through it all this year and it was really kind of touching to read this post about how this one piece fits into the giant scheme of your life. I’m SO cheering for you as you finish this out.


  2. Shutupandrun says:

    Thanks for your short but sweet comment on my blog today. I couldn’t agree with you more. Keep it simple: do what is right for you and don’t overtrain!! Words of wisdom. Good luck with those goals. Tea, hot baths – such a great way to take care of yourself and rejuvenate!


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