Visual Confession: My Messy Desk

7 down, 3 to go.  To put it in kid terms, just 3 more sleeps!

It’s a good thing that this week will soon be at an end, because the situation at my place is getting a little out of control.  I’m sitting here at my very messy desk, empty cans, juice boxes, and candy wrappers strewn about; piles of paper ready to topple; random objects added into the mix: a watch, several tubes of lip balm, floss, kid-size sunglasses, headphones that no one uses, etc.  My eyes are burning from staring at my computer screen all day, my jaw-length hair is tied back in a ridiculously short ponytail with a barrette holding back the bangs, and I’m wearing pants with an elastic waistband.  It’s not a pretty picture, folks.

Um, yeah, I’m not masochistic enough to take a picture of myself and display it for public consumption.  Even showing you all the state of my desk feels like I’m confessing something really embarrassing.  I’m not sure how I study in all this chaos, but I do.  I’ve actually cleaned off my desk a couple of times in the last week and a half and it just hasn’t stuck.  I feel a little better, though, knowing that apparently Albert Einstein had some desk madness going on too, and has been quoting as saying, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk?”

Speaking of the state of my mind, today’s exam went fine – I think.  I seemed to be done well ahead of my classmates today, though, and, as I’ve mentioned before, that makes me nervous.  I’m definitely NOT generally the most knowledgeable or the most prepared in my class – my classmates are all super-smart and most don’t have the distraction of a family to contend with while studying – so when I’m done before everyone else, I’m always scared that I’ve missed questions or haven’t completely answered the questions.

Tomorrow’s exam is in the afternoon, so I’ll be studying all morning and then studying again in the evening.  Today went fairly well, but I am sure tired and can’t wait to get to bed!

Goals for tomorrow:

1. Morning: study fixed.

2. Afternoon: write the fixed exam.

3. Evening: study endo.

4. Healthy breakfast.

5. Drink more water!


1. for the morning: hit Starbucks after my exam and get a tea

2. for the evening: download a new song

3. for all day: watch an episode of Big Cat Diary on Netflix (I’m kind of obsessed with this show)

I’m off to stretch and relax before bed.

What’s on your desktop?  Neat as a pin or organized chaos?  Or just plain chaos?


5 thoughts on “Visual Confession: My Messy Desk

  1. Holly says:

    My desk at work is really tidy but my desk at home is a mess. But I know where everything is so does that make it organized? 🙂

    I remember finishing tests early in college and getting so nervous too — but I think there are plenty of people who check and double check and triple check their work and end up second guessing themselves. I know I did my best by sticking with my first gut reactions instead of dwelling on things. I’m sure you are doing just fine!


  2. thehealthyapron says:

    wow….I could NOT study without a compeltey CLEAN desk. I just get distracted by clutter so easily! I can’t even cook in my kitchen unless I’ve cleaned off everything, washed all dishes, and wiped downt he counters. Call me OCD but I just need it to be clean to start a new project!

    I hope you did well on your exam! I know the feeling of getting done early and thinking…is that good or bad? I’m sure it means it is good though!!


  3. Kat says:

    You can’t even get to the desk in our office because it’s absolutely surrounded by wedding presents. I kind of use one edge of the kitchen table as a desk and mostly it looks like a notebook, a to-do list and a magazine. I keep meaning to banish the clutter, but we’re just not there yet.


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