The Studying Continues, and Other Random Nonsense

  • My exam this morning wasn’t exactly as bad as I had thought it would be.  However, had I known that it would be so narrowly focused on particular topics, I would definitely have studied differently.  The fact that I tried to cram 2 terms worth of details into my brain over the weekend seems almost wasted – except for the fact that I might run into it someday in someone’s mouth.  In which case, it will be important, but I won’t remember the details anyway, so I come back to the fact that the volume of information I studied was overkill for the situation at hand.
  • My kids are at my parents’ this week, which means I just had to look after myself today.  Mornings are remarkably smooth and stress-free around here without my kids needing help getting their breakfasts, prompting to get dressed, or “verbal encouragement” (yes, sometimes that means yelling) to get their stuff and get out the door.  I put that time to good use and did some last-minute review for the exam, which ended up being worthwhile when I wrote it.  Who says cramming isn’t effective?
  • The exam wasn’t too long, so since I was done a little early, I went and tried on some Under Armour gear at SportChek for fun.  I was already stopping by the mall to hit the drugstore for antihistamines, and I thought, “Why not?”  I didn’t buy any clothes, but it was kind of fun just to take some time away for myself.
  • Went for a very, very slow 5k run today and tried out a midfoot strike for part of my run – I think.  Not sure exactly how you tell if it’s midfoot or forefoot…
  • I am officially starting to train for my half marathon this week.   That’ right: just 17 short weeks until the Disneyland Half Marathon.  While I was on the website today, I noticed they’ve added a new race to their lineup.  They’re calling it the Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend.  Sounds like fun, right?  Who doesn’t love Tink?  I love Disney…
  • Had a weird moment today when I made a left turn and found myself facing an ambulance (about 1/2 a block away) that decided that the opposite side of the road was a better choice, given the traffic situation.  The driver moved into my lane just as I did, so I had lots of time to move outta the way.  Fair enough, I figure, but I’ve never had that happen before.
  • Didn’t do a great job of staying on track this afternoon.  Just couldn’t do it. Obviously it was a mental thing; this week can’t be done soon enough.  I’m pretty burnt out and just want to relax and let my brain rest.  The evening went much better, so I’m going to download that podcast (see yesterday’s post), but I didn’t enjoy that cup of tea or order the book.  Ah well, gives me something to strive for tomorrow.
On that note, here are my goals for tomorrow:
  1. Review my notes before the exam.
  2. Healthy breakfast: steelcut oats with raisins and probably a green monster with spinach, frozen fruit, and yogurt
  3. Kick butt on my test!  I can do it….
  4. If I’m done early, stationary bike or lift some weights (full body workout).
  5. Lunch: I have leftovers in my fridge…
  6. Afternoon: study endo for 2 hours, fixed for 2 hours.  Stay away from the internet, limit breaks to 5 min per hour.
  7. Supper: more leftovers…
  8. Evening: study fixed for 3 1/2 hours.
  9. Decent bedtime.
1. afternoon: enjoy a nice cup of tea and relax for 10 minutes – not in front of the computer
2. evening: stretch (and foam roll?) for 5 min before bed
3. all day: add Furious Love to my cart.  I really want to read this book!  It seems like it would be a kind of fluffy read, perfect for post-finals/not using my brain.
What’s on your summer reading list?

4 thoughts on “The Studying Continues, and Other Random Nonsense

  1. Holly says:

    Enjoy those rewards — I know you’ll do great today!

    Summer reading list — for now I’m starting the Uglies series — really good so far! After that I want to read Water for Elephants and then see the movie. Other than that I’m not sure!


  2. Kat says:

    Oh god, the Tinkerbell Half? That sounds like the ultimate in happy, lady-running. Who would want to run something with an adorable name like that?

    I don’t even know what’s on my “holds” list at the library because I was so far down the queue for some of the books. I’m just hoping that whatever I picked was good, you know?


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