Another one bites the dust

4 finals down, and 6 more to go.  It already feels like it’s been a long haul and I’m not quite at the halfway mark.

The exam today was 175 – yes, 175 – multiple choice questions in 2 1/2 hours.  That’s 35 questions per half hour, or 1.2 questions per minute.  It was quite the test of endurance, if not exactly a test reflective of what I know about oral surgery, since some of the questions were on stuff I’m pretty sure I’ve never even heard of.

Managed to fit in a 4k run after my exam.  Ran 3 x 5min run/1min walk intervals, and then switched to 2 x 4min run/2min walk intervals when my heart rate was still crazy high after my walking break.  No knee pain, although I had a moment at the end when I was cooling down when I thought I might have had a twinge.  I iced, I foam rolled, I stretched.

I’ve also developed a love for green monster smoothies lately.  I get my veggies and feel virtuous, all in one glass!

Bought myself some Toms shoes after studying hard this afternoon.  Will be booking a facial and buying Run Faster after studying hard this evening.  Got through all of the material I wanted to, plus a little extra.  I expect tomorrow’s exam to involve a lot of writing, which is a stark contrast to today’s MCQ test.  At least your hand doesn’t cramp up with multiple choice…

Goals for tomorrow:

1. Healthy breakfast.  I’m gonna need it.

2. Review the key “lists” I need to know tomorrow morning.

3. Write the test.

4. Study oral pathology in the afternoon, fixed prosthodontics in the evening.

5. Knock off a little early and hang out with the family.  It’s Friday, and I’ll be officially halfway!

6. Book a massage, physio assessment, and facial for after finals.

7. Rewards:

– afternoon: enjoy a cup of tea

– evening: take a bath

– all day: download The King’s Speech so I can watch it when finals are done (7 days, 17 hours, 44 minutes)

And last but not least, if you’re looking for an inspiring read, check out this post from IronMomma Mary Eggers. I read it on a break today and thought it was brilliant.

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