3 down, 7 to go…

Wrote my 3rd final of the week today.  There was a modest amount of head-scratching involved during the test, but I finished and feel okay – not great – about it.  Ended up finishing well ahead of noon, so I was able to get some extra studying in this morning and treated myself to a Napa grilled chicken salad (sans blue cheese) at Fuddruckers.  I was satisfied with my meal, put in some study time at the restaurant, and then hit Starbucks for a venti Awake tea and studied some more.  Did I mention we’re developed our dungeon/unfinished basement, so my house is a little noisy for studying at the moment?

Did a pretty good job of staying focused today.  Maybe the change of scenery helped.  In any case, I got through the material I wanted to get through with time to spare, so I added in an extra reward for myself: I spent some time on laineygossip.com, my favourite celebrity gossip website.  As for my other rewards for today, I downloaded “Are You Gonna Go My Way” by Lenny Kravitz (which I used to have in my music library, but somehow it didn’t get transferred over from my old computer), will be booking a massage ASAP, and I ordered a new headband!  I had intended to order a Sweaty Band, but the shipping was almost as much as the headband itself, so I found a much more reasonable option (a sparkly peacock blue skinny band!  so fun!) from Bic Bands on Etsy.

Goals for tomorrow:

1. Final review before my test tomorrow, and then crush the exam!

2. Study.  Ugh.  Removable prosthodontics (dentures).  Ugh.  I’m already sick of studying for finals and I haven’t even hit the end of the first week!  Ugh.  4 hours of removable in the afternoon, sneak in 1 hour of fixed prosthodontics (crowns and bridges), and then 4 hours more of removable.  Ugh.

3. Rewards for meeting my goals:

– afternoon: these shoes from Toms

– evening: put Run Faster in my shopping cart at amazon.ca

– all day: book a facial for after finals

You may notice that these are some kick-ass rewards.  To get through the study material I’m covering tomorrow, I need some major enticements.

That’s it, that’s all.  I’m hitting the hay.  Planning to put myself to sleep going through oral pathology flashcards…


8 thoughts on “3 down, 7 to go…

  1. fitforakid says:

    I’ve got “purchase Tom’s” on my to-do list too. Though, I’m thinking I’m gonna wait till my next trip across the border. Not only are they $29 cheaper, there’s the exchange rate to consider too… sometimes I don’t get Canadian shopping.

    Congrats on being 30% done!


  2. Kat says:

    1. I was starting to get really envious of your rewards – you picked good ones!

    2. Those Bic Bands are adorable! I can’t wait to see yours!

    3. Keep on trucking, lady! You’re SO close.


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