Finals, Day 2

Studied this morning and stayed focused.  Rewarded myself with a tall nonfat chai tea latte from Starbucks this afternoon.

The exam today was fine and I finished it fairly quickly.  There were a few things I didn’t know, but that happens sometimes. 🙂

Picked up a few groceries on my way home: spinach (for salads and smoothies), frozen fruit, steel cut oats (not that easy to find in these parts), and some G2 (because sometimes water doesn’t seem that appealing – kinda weird, I know).  I’m finding my appetite is not normal, what with all the stress, so I’ve made a couple of smoothies lately.  While I hate cleaning the blender, I like that the smoothies are pretty healthy compared to other stuff I could eat.

Went for a 21 minute run when I got home.  Gorgeous day out and the run felt great.  No knee problems.

Once I got home, I had some trouble getting down to it.  Thumbs down to my performance this afternoon.

Did some major studying this evening, though, so I sort of redeemed myself.

I’m really tired now, though, so I’m off to bed.  Plan to get up early for some last-minute review.

Goals for tomorrow:

1. Review notes first thing in the a.m.  Eat a healthy breakfast (oatmeal, raisins, skim milk, an orange).

2. Kick butt on my exam (fingers crossed).

3. Lunch and then study oral surgery afternoon and evening!  Keep staying away from the black hole that is the internet.

4. Help the babysitter get the kids to their appropriate soccer fields.

5. Rewards for meeting my goals:

– afternoon: download a new song

– evening: book a massage for after finals

– all day: buy myself a Sweaty Band (which was on my rewards list for today, but since I didn’t stick to my sched this afternoon, I’m not rewarding myself)


3 thoughts on “Finals, Day 2

  1. Kat says:

    Lady, you have been actioning some absolutely ridiculous productivity this week. Your goals list looks ridiculous (but totally achieveable) and I love the rewards you’ve got planned for yourself. Keep on pushing! You’re so close!

    p.s. SO glad that you were able to enjoy a pain-free run today. Of all of the things that could possibly go right, you definitely deserved that little joy.


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