Finals have started

I’m about ready for bed now.  Kicked off my 2 weeks of finals this morning with my perio(dontics) exam.  I think it went okay, but I finished quickly – far more quickly than my classmates, I think – and that tends to make me nervous.  Did I miss questions? Not write enough?  Or what?  Oh well, no time to second-guess myself.  On to the next exam.

I write my orthodontics final tomorrow.  Should be okay, I think.  I’d like to study a little bit more tonight, but I’ve hit that point where I have to reread a sentence several times because things aren’t making sense anymore.

Did a pretty good job of sticking to my schedule today.  Ended up having a little extra time this morning, so I studied a little more than planned in the morning and then took time off later to go watch my daughter’s first soccer game.  It was nice to get away from my desk for awhile.  I didn’t end up working out, but I think that the trade-off was a good one.

Schedule/goals for tomorrow:

1. Study ortho in the morning, write ortho exam in the afternoon, study implants in the evening.

2. Keep staying away from random surfing!  I had to check the news online on my breaks today, though, to read up on the Bin Laden situation and then the Canadian election results.  Stayed away from the celebrity gossip sites, though!

Sorry, not a lot interesting going on around here.  Maybe I’ll have a chance to get a workout in tomorrow after my exam?  It’s hard to make that a priority, though, when I’ve got back-to-back finals.

UPDATE: Oh, yeah, rewards for today:

1. morning: stop by a coffee shop, pick up a cup of tea and actually spend 5 minutes enjoying it

2. evening: spend 10 min putting together  a new playlist

3. whole day: buy a new headband (might try out a Sweaty Band)


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