When the going gets tough…

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going (going. Tough, tough.)”  I totally have that song (1985 by Billy Ocean – I googled it) stuck in my head right now.  I’m working on some positive self-talk at the moment.

Finals start tomorrow.  10 finals in a row.  1 per day, with the weekend off.  I’m done the 13th of May.  Can’t wait.

However, if I’m going to get through the next couple of weeks, I need to focus. Hard.  Which means making some goals and rules to make it through to the end.  I’ve already laid out a study schedule and I absolutely must stick to it if I have a hope in H-E-double hockey sticks of making it through.  I also plan to lay out goals and rewards everyday.  Hey, if self-bribery works, why not, right?

My goals for tomorrow (Monday, May 2nd):

1. No surfing the internet.  In fact, stay offline as much as possible so that I’m not tempted.

2. Stick to my study schedule.  Last-minute review first thing in the morning, write my exam, vote (it’s election day here in Canada), get in a quick workout if the exam is done early and I have time (20-30 min stationary bike), lunch, study implants in the afternoon and ortho in the evening.  Try to get to bed at a decent time (aiming for 10:30pm).  Keep breaks 5-10 mins long.

3. Reward for sticking to my afternoon schedule: spend 5 min foam rolling my left hip/leg.  Reward for sticking to my evening schedule: download a new song.  Reward for staying off the internet and meeting my goals for the day: update my blog.

That’s it for now.  I’m off to read a little and then hit the sack.

P.S.  It was my 13th wedding anniversary today.  We didn’t do anything special – no time, sadly.  But I’m trying to think of something good to do after exams are over by way of celebration.  Haven’t come up with anything yet, but I’m sure I’ll be inspired at some point.

UPDATE: Oh, and I got a 15 minute run in today.  No knee pain, but my left hip and IT band are super tight.  I’m totally booking some physio appointments for after finals so I can get this thing rehabbed ASAP!


6 thoughts on “When the going gets tough…

    • mostlyfitmom says:

      So far minimizing my online time has been helpful in keeping me on track. Although I had to check out some of the news today re: Bin Laden, along with the Canadian election results. I stayed away from the celeb gossips sites, though. 🙂


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