Trying to Hang in There

I officially have one day of classes and clinics left for the term.  Let’s ignore, for the moment, that the term will be followed up by 1o exams in 2 weeks starting Monday…

This school year has been the longest, hardest, and most stressful in my academic career.  That’s saying quite a bit, since so far I’ve done 10 years of university and spent 2 years working on my accounting designation.  The workload has been absolutely insane, my husband got a new job in February and has been away quite a bit more than usual, and I’ve been dealing with a prof who is…less than professional, all year long.

Needless to say, fitness has not been my highest priority, and my endurance and ability to recover have definitely decreased.  The upside of being done for the year is that I can get back to more regular and varied workouts.  And I can finally properly rehab my left IT band/hip, which has been bothering me quite a bit lately.  I’m blaming it on my lack of strength training, too much sitting with bad posture, and stress.

2 more weeks + 1 day of torture.  Trouble is that I’m having a heck of a hard time staying motivated.  I know I need to just push through to the end, but I am tired, both mentally and physically.  Having the end in sight is not making it easier to focus for some reason.

I’ve been trying to pep-talk myself into getting motivated (um, like I’m doing by writing this post), but so far it hasn’t worked.  I hope the fact that I absolutely NEED to study to successfully get through these exams will give me the kick in the butt I need to get cracking – and soon.  But so far, nothing I’ve tried has worked to get me hitting the books as much I think I should be.  Maybe the panic will set in once I am officially done classes tomorrow?

Well, now that I’ve taken a break to blog, guess it’s time to finish up the paper I’ve got to hand in tomorrow.  I’ve been procrastinating with that, too.  *sigh*  At least the next 2 weeks will fly by and I can get back to eating healthy meals that I cook myself and regular workouts.  Can’t wait to get back into running!

Do you have any tricks you use when your motivation is flagging?


4 thoughts on “Trying to Hang in There

  1. Holly @ The Runny Egg says:

    Honestly when I have no motivation I tend to let myself sit and sulk for a while but then I get sick of that and get back to what I should be doing. Probably not the best way to go about it, but it seems to work for me.

    YOU ARE ALMOST DONE — I know that may not help, but the end is in sight!!!


  2. Kat says:

    Lady, you are absolutely SO close. When I need major motivation, I self-gift. So I would definitely recommend you buy yourself something nice (it can be cheap or pricey as long as it makes you feel like a goddess) as an end-of-term/year/survivor present 🙂

    Keep your head up – we’re all cheering you on!


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