Spring Training

Got a 3k run in today, but that was it.  The weather was quite nice in comparison to what it has been of late, and though it was melting a little, it wasn’t too slushy or too icy, so that was good.  The sun was shining, the sky is getting bluer and looks less washed out, and there were even a few dry patches of sidewalk peeking through the crunchy-topped snow.

Had kind of a scary moment when a driver didn’t see me, though.  I was crossing the street in a residential area, running at a pace not much faster than a walk, wearing a bright colour, and I just don’t know how the guy didn’t notice me.  Maybe he was yelling at his kids in the back seat, or looking farther down the road.  In any case, I was paying attention and stopped short of his van, and then he finally made eye contact with me and came to a stop.  My quick impression was that his wife pointed out that I was there, because when he and I made eye contact, he seemed really shocked that there was a pedestrian nearby.  Definitely a strange moment for me.  Had I not been more alert, it could have been a bad situation, I think.

Took an unscheduled and very rejuvenating  1.5 hr nap this afternoon.  I definitely needed it.

As I type this, I’m feeling guilty because I didn’t get nearly everything done that I wanted to today.  I’m finding that I’m mentally drained and I’m have a hard time focusing on my school work.  Plus, I’m just not mentally committing to my workouts.  I find, though, that as spring approaches and the days get longer I get more energy and want to work out more.  I’m just not quite there yet.  Oh well, if it were easy to workout all the time, I’d be superfitmom intstead of mostlyfit mom.

FYI – I’ll probably be cutting back on the blog reading I’m doing as my school schedule gets tighter.  Oh, I’ll likely still be reading the blogs I follow regularly, but I probably won’t be commenting much.  I plan to keep up my posts as much as possible, though, because I find blogging to be like writing in a journal: it’s sort of cathartic and provides a little mental clarity.

I start my bootcamp classes this week and am really looking forward to having regular workouts firmly in my schedule.  Makes it a lot easier to commit to working out when I’ve paid for it and have it in my calendar.

Moving on to the topic of eating, Kat over at Tenaciously Yours said that she had an “all-carb weekend.”  Since getting sick, I feel like I’ve been rather heavily consuming the carbs myself.  When I’m sick, I find it soothing to my stomach to eat toast, cereal, bananas, and other easy-to-digest carbs.  Now that I’m not sick, though, there’s no excuse for over-indulging in the starches.  I find that I can tell that my blood sugar is not as even as it usually is and I’ve been getting major energy slumps.  Unlike Kacy over at Low and Behold, eating chocolate bars doesn’t give me a long-term energy boost.  I wish!  I also don’t drink coffee, so in order to avoid the sugar blues, it’s time to cut back on the treats (did I mention my evil husband bought Double Stuff Oreos this weekend?) and starches and get back to my normal diet.  My plan is to:

  1. Post what I eat at least 4 days this week
  2. Eat 4 servings of vegetables at least 4 days this week
  3. Drink 8 cups of water per day at least 5 days this week

Can’t wait for spring to actually get here!  I’m ready to see more sun and get outside for more runs.  I laughed when I read this post by Mary over at Ironmomma, because I often want to give winter the bird, too, especially since the cold has really over-stayed its welcome this year.  Seriously, it’s March already – it’s not supposed to be -35 C with the wind chill anymore.  At least it’s supposed to get above freezing this week.  I’ve had enough of the frigid temperatures and snow.

Well, I think that’s been enough random blathering for one night.  Thanks for reading!

What do you most look forward to with the end of winter?  Do you find it easier to workout once the days are longer, or are you energy-steady year-long?



8 thoughts on “Spring Training

  1. Ameena says:

    I am definitely a steady exerciser regardless of the season but I do live in Los Angeles where seasons are far and few between. When I travel to places with an actual winter I do feel so much more energzied to work out though – probably because I am freezing cold and thats one of the few ways I can warm up!


  2. Holly says:

    I definitely have more energy during the Spring/Summer — seeing the sun shining makes me feel more alert and energized.

    That is scary about the driver — I’ve been in your shoes before and in the driver’s shoes. Thankfully it has made me a more careful driver — almost hitting someone is terrifying to say the least. I’m just glad you are ok and that you saw the driver!


  3. Kat says:

    I’m pretty energy-steady year, round. But with this daylight savings time thing, I was seriously considering taking a run outside, just because the situation was SO glorious. I think next week, we might be good to go.

    p.s. I always have to remind myself to look for pedestrians as it warms up – especially on the intersections that I cross as a runner.


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