Midnight Mini-Crisis

It’s currently 6am.  I am ridiculously sleep-deprived but too wound up to sleep.  I got about 5 hours of sleep Wednesday night and about 3 (maybe) last night.  Around midnight, my daughter came into our room and said her stomach hurt and that she’d thrown up.  Had she ever.  In her bed.  At least it wasn’t the carpet.

After cleaning things up, we put her in bed with her brother.  She came half an hour later and crawled in with us, saying her tummy still hurt.  We put her back in bed with her brother again – she wiggles a lot, so she’s impossible to sleep with – but once again she woke up around 2am, complaining of a stomach ache.  Still half asleep, I told her to go the bathroom, thinking it was just residual upset from the first vomiting episode, and luckily she made it there before she started throwing up, and, er, other things.  Just, yuck.  My husband was gagging just going into the bathroom.

After giving her a bath and cleaning up yet again (I did the bathing, my husband most of the cleaning), we put her to sleep in the bathroom on a pile of towels.  She came into our room and crawled in twice more.  Needless to say, the 3 hours of sleep I’ve managed have been rather broken ones.

Here’s my problem: I have a patient this morning.  He drives an hour to get to see me.  I am short on time and need to see him to get credits for the year.  My husband, being that he’s at the start of a brand new job and has a presentation this morning, can’t stay home.  Being that my daughter is sick, I don’t want to get other people with kids to watch her, because I don’t want to infect them (even though odds are it’s food-borne rather than a virus).  My husband can do paperwork from home in the afternoon, so I can manage to get to school, drop her off with him (he’ll be working at the hospital, which is attached to the university), write a quiz 12:30pm, and then see my patient in the afternoon.

I’ve texted and e-mailed my entire class to see if someone can take my patient, but of course except for one night-owl classmate who was still up (or else I woke him up with my text at 2:30am – I’m not sure), all of them are still probably snuggly warm, asleep in their beds (like I would like to be).  It seems like not that big a deal, right?  Just cancel the patient and stay home.  Except I really need to get these dentures made and missing even one class is a bit of a disaster at this point.  Plus, with my recent illness, I feel like a total heel calling in sick yet again.  Having kids just makes dental school so complicated sometimes.  Talk about feeling stressed out right now, and lack of sleep never helps with that, does it?

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Oh, and no upper body workout last night.  Was just so tired from lack of sleep and had a really hard patient case in the afternoon, so I was late getting home.

UPDATE: My daughter is feeling better now, but yesterday was a rough one for me due to a severe lack of sleep.  One of my classmates didn’t have a patient and called me around 8:30am to let me know that she could see mine.  However, even though I had talked to him and he said he was coming, he didn’t show up!  Not sure if the weather ended up being too bad (other people said a couple patients cancelled because there was a bit of a storm outside of the city) or what, but when I tried calling him, there was no answer.  My classmate had also tried calling him and there was no answer.  Hopefully everything is okay on his end!


4 thoughts on “Midnight Mini-Crisis

  1. Holly says:

    What a stressful situation — I hope it all works out somehow.

    Your poor daughter! I hope she feels better soon. What an awful night for you and for her. I hope you get some rest this weekend.


  2. Kat says:

    Oh, horror. The Universe owes you big-time for that one. I hope that you have a restful weekend and everything settles down pronto, lady. You need it.


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