My Wake-Up Call

Sometimes you get a mental wake-up call and it gives you a bit of motivational kick.  Tonight I participated in a study some of my classmates are doing on back health and ergonomics in dentistry.  As part of the study, I did a fitness test.  It included the sit and reach test, a test of back extension endurance, measurement of waist circumference (I did not look – I don’t really want to know), and curl-ups (i.e., sort of situps).

I was actually disappointed in how I did on the curl-ups test, because I really thought my abs were stronger than they apparently are.  Yes, I’ve had 2 kids and the same number of C-sections, but I’ve been working out pretty consistently for a couple of years now and I could only do 6 lousy curl-ups!  I can do more regular sit-ups than that!

Anyway, if you’ve been reading, you know I’ve sort of slacked off in my workouts lately, due in large part to illness the past couple of weeks, and, before that, my crazy school schedule.  I think tonight was the perfect boost I needed to get back to fitting in my workouts.  I’m finally feeling almost normal (I’d say I’m back to about 75%) and now that the days are longer, I am starting to feel a little more energetic.

While I have signed up for 2 bootcamp sessions per week starting next week, I want to get back to it right away while the humiliation of not being able to do curl-ups is fresh in my mind.  As such, here’s my plan:

Wednesday – 15 min cardio (running – treadmill or outside, if it’s not too cold), upper body workout

Saturday – running (hopefully outside!), 300 workout

Sunday – 15-30 min cardio (stationary bike), core

The weather here is still crap, but it’s warming up slightly, with a projected high tomorrow of -9 C (16 F), so maybe I’ll be able to get outside rather than being cooped up in my depressing unfinished basement.  *Crossing my fingers*

Have you ever had a “wake-up call” that motivated you to make a change?


2 thoughts on “My Wake-Up Call

  1. Jolene ( says:

    I know that I need to step up my workouts … I can tell that I am losing muscle definition. I have been slacking because of the freezing temps. Lame excuse, but really, I just want to be warm and comfy these days.

    I am praying for motivation and warmer days!


  2. Angela (the diet book junkie) says:

    oh i’m so glad you’re feeling almost normal. 🙂 i wouldn’t worry to much about the crunches, i mean, you’re still getting over being sick. besides, i hear muscles keep their memory so i’m sure you’ll be stronger in no time. jealous of your bootcamp class, i could use a good azz-whoppin’ right now! 😉


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