The Big Squeeze

I’m happy to report that I actually fit in three whole workouts over the last week: one with my trainer, level 1 of the 30 Day Shred DVD, and a 30 minute iTrain bike workout tonight.  All in all, some pretty solid workouts.  I definitely made them count and now I’m feeling all proud of myself for fitting them into my schedule, because the past week was rough.

I’m meeting my trainer again tomorrow, and then the rest of the week is kind of crazy with quizzes and more lab work for school, plus my son’s hockey tournament on Saturday and game on Sunday.  Hoping to get in one more workout on Thursday, but it may depend on how the lab work goes.  Definitely Saturday and Sunday will involve me sweating away in the basement at some point (it’s looking like in the evening).  I would love to get another workout in there but I don’t think there’s time for me to squeeze it in, what with family and school responsibilities this week.

Gotta run and pack my gym bag before I go to bed.  Can’t wait to crawl under the covers.

Are you a get-ready-the-night-before kind of person, or a fit-it-all-in-in-the-morning kind of person?  I’m definitely the former…




4 thoughts on “The Big Squeeze

  1. Rae says:

    That’s awesome you got your workouts in!

    I get my gym bag packed at night and lay out my gym clothes. I get up super early and just want to leave the room so I don’t wake hubby. But if I’m not going to the gym then I don’t pick out my outfit till the morning.


  2. Holly says:

    I do as much as possible the night before. I don’t even feel awake until I’ve showered and eaten breakfast. I pick out clothes, make my lunch, and prep my breakfast (set out cups/plates/silverware, any non perishable ingredients, etc).


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