Migraines Suck

Yesterday afternoon, I got a migraine.  Not the worst one I’ve ever had, mind, but nasty nonetheless.

Unfortunately, because I was on my own with the kids, I couldn’t just drop everything and hide out in a dark, quite room and sleep to recover.  Instead, I took some Advil, fed the kids, prepped for today, cancelled my Monday patients (knowing the migraine was going to persist) and went to bed as soon as I could.

When I woke up today, the headache was reduced but still there.  After I took my kids over to my neighbour’s house as my husband had arranged, I went back to bed and slept until noon.  I felt better afterward, but the headache is lingering even now.

I’m just hoping that a good night’s rest will kick this headache to the curb.  At the same time, I’m afraid that I’ll get another one tomorrow, just because I’m feeling very stressed.  I’ve also got a workout scheduled with my trainer – not sure what that’ll do.  Guess we’ll see.

I’m off to bed right away.  Have the kids’ backpacks, hockey equipment, and outerwear by the door.  My lunch is packed, the babysitter packed lunches for the kids, and my pork tenderloin is ready to be put in the slow cooker first thing tomorrow.  I’ve drafted my to-do list and I’ll pack my gym bag and listen to my stress management album before bed.  So far, so good.

Nighty night. 🙂


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