Accentuate the Positive

I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed with school and life lately – even more so than last term, if you can believe it – and I find myself focusing on the things that I don’t get around to, which totally doesn’t help anything and just contributes to the stress I’m feeling.  I don’t think I’m alone in beating myself up for not crossing off every last item on my to do list, but I think that we all need to remind ourselves of what we are actually accomplishing.  So, in an attempt to be more positive, I’m going to spend a little time boasting about what I have recently crossed of my list or taken the time to enjoy:

1. Booked my daughter’s 5th birthday party

2. Got a run and strength training in on Saturday

3. Wrangled seat assignments for an upcoming trip

4. Watched both kids play hockey

5. Cleaned off a shelf in my closet

6. Threw out the (really) old food that was in the fridge

7. Bought a couple of new workout shirts and a couple of sweaters

8. Booked in patients

9. Mounted a couple of sets of casts and poured up models (lab work for school)

10. Went for brunch with my husband, kids, and parents

11. 2 fillings in one appointment (appointments take a long time at the dental school, so I feel like this is a big deal)

12. Ordered new bathing suit bottoms, luggage, and some other stuff to prepare for vacation

13. Went to bed before 10pm on Friday night

14. Last week, finished 1 test, 1 quiz, 2 internal medicine cases, 1 simulated radiology case, and 4 radiology interpretations for patients

15. Decided on what to give as goodie bags at my daughter’s party

What have you achieved lately?  I bet you’ve done more than you think.

4 thoughts on “Accentuate the Positive

  1. Heather says:

    Wow! You should be proud of everything you finished w/ all you have going on! that’s awesome!

    My latest achievment: I finally got around to cleaning (not just picking up) the house today – woo hoo! 🙂


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