Make it Work

I worked out with my trainer yesterday.  As I was warming up on the treadmill, she asked me how I was doing.  Now, normally a polite person says, “Good,” or something to that effect.  And I did.  But I tend to be honest more than I am tactful, so then I followed up with, “Actually, I’m a bundle of negativity today.”  Which was really a nice of way of saying, “Sh**ty.”  So I was sort of being polite?

But once I verbalized my crappy mood, I felt better.

Last year at this time, I had only been working with my trainer for a couple of months and my view of exercise was different.  It was one of those things I knew I should do for multiple reasons (health, to set a good example for my kids, stress management, etc.), but it was sort of a chore, an item to cross off on the to do list, another thing to fit into my big, bad schedule.

This year, even though I may not be getting in as many workouts as I’d like – my school course load is a fair bit heavier – my workouts feel different.  I actually enjoy most workouts while I’m working out, and I definitely feel great afterward.  When I miss a workout for whatever reason – schedule change, illness, or because getting rest trumps working out – I feel bad about it.  And, yeah, guilt is part of it, because obviously working out is good for the body.  But more importantly, I feel bad knowing that I missed out on something that makes me feel happy.

As I left the gym to run to my son’s first hockey game, my trainer left me with this message: “Make it work.”

I think that’s a great message, don’t you?  It doesn’t allow excuses, it encourages flexibility (time-wise, not body-wise), and it requires prioritization.  All good things, right?

My trainer totally gets my hectic schedule.  She doesn’t try to tell me to fit more in, because she knows I fit in what I can. She’s always in my corner, prodding me when necessary, pushing me always, making suggestions that she thinks will be helpful for me and my life.  Who can ask for more than that?

What’s my point, other than my trainer is supremely awesomely great?  “Make it work” is going to be my mantra for the next 30 days, at which point the school term ends and I can sleep and workout and take my kids for walks and cook things that take more than 30 minutes to prepare.  I will apply it to my workouts, to my studying, and to the day-to-day stuff that just needs to get done.  I will not over-plan, over-think, or over-analyze.  I will just do it. *Nike swoosh*

Now that I feel a little more optimistic, I’m going to get ready for tomorrow and then head to bed.  Nighty-night, all!

P.S.  Did anyone else get all excited and download a bunch of Beatles songs from iTunes?

10 thoughts on “Make it Work

  1. Kat says:

    Lady, I can’t believe there are only 30 days left for you – you can totally make it work.

    What a wonderful mantra. I always have to remind myself to “keep my head up.” Dorky, but true.


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