Me vs. My Schedule

Ever had a week sneak up on you and drag you down?  Yup, that was this week for me.  Not sure how that happened.  It seemed like life would run as per my usual schedule, but a bit better, because I had Thursday off (Remembrance Day is a statutory holiday here in Saskatchewan).

Me vs. My Schedule - mostlyfitmom.comAnd then suddenly (probably not really – it’s just my perception), I realized I had a lot of extra stuff going on.  Unfortunately, that meant that my workouts fell to the wayside.  Monday’s spin was put aside because I had to be at school early to set up for a patient, and Thursday’s workout was pre-empted by the preparations I needed to do for school today.  *shrug*

What to do when things don’t go as planned?

  1. I like to not beat myself up, since I’m pretty emotionally drained at this point in the school year anyway.  No need to add self-inflicted psychological wounds to the mix.
  2. Reschedule.  I worked out tonight, and even though I broke the stationary bike and didn’t make it all the way through my strength workout because I was getting light-headed from hunger (oy!), I made up (a little) for my missed workouts.  I’m planning to work out tomorrow and Sunday, too.
  3. Change the plan. Yeah, so I broke the strap on the pedal of the 20 year old stationary bike we have.  I tend to think that it’s time to invest in a new one anyway, since the bike’s had a good, long life.  My husband insists he can fix it.  Ha!  I’ll let you know how that goes.  However, this means that although I was planning to ride the bike this weekend in order to rest my IT band some more, I’ve got to consider running a little instead.  Maybe I can break the treadmill, too, and we can get a new one of those?
  4. Keep the big picture in mind.  So I missed a couple of workouts.  Big deal.  Fitness is a long-term, lifetime sort of thing, so missing a couple of workouts is hardly the end of the world.  I may not be as fit as I was this summer, but I know that I will be even fitter in the future because it’s important to me.  Right now, though, school is my highest priority. There will be time for other things after April 2012.

Not sure if that was a list of excuses, self-talk, or tips, but I feel a little better now.

Now I’m going to cuddle on the couch with my husband and kids and try to stay up later than my kids do.  It might not happen for a second night in a row.   They’re 4 and 6.  I’m 34.  I think it’s a sad commentary on my life that my bedtime is earlier than my kids’ these days.

Enjoy your weekend!  I’ll let you know how the workouts go. Can you beat my 20 year old exercise bike with your own ancient piece of exercise gear?

6 thoughts on “Me vs. My Schedule

  1. Karen R says:

    Good tips on dealing when life does not go as planned! I hear ya 🙂

    No old exercise equipment for me. Although I am thinking of getting a boxing bag to tone my arms. But then I wonder if it will sit outside getting old and I won’t use it…

    Have a great evening and weekend!


  2. Kat says:

    Lady, I feel like this weekend just tore everyone to pieces.

    Good call with re-scheduling. Rolling with it is really the only way to go.

    Have a lovely weekend!


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