Shame on Me?

I’m not going to lie: I did not meet my goals this week.  Gasp!  I know, I know.  I was doing so well, and then the weekend came and those 2 treats I talked about turned into about 5.  Yes, that does happen sometimes.  My overwhelming love for chocolate becomes, well, overwhelming.

I hung my head in shame for a minute, but now is not the time to wallow.  It’s time to lift my chin, put my shoulders back, and face the week.

My goals:

1. No treats on weekdays – it’s easier if I just make treats off limits most days.  One treat per day on the weekend.  I’m planning these now so that I don’t get carried away again and polish off handfuls of mini chocolate bars from the kids’ Halloween stashes.  Saturday: 1 chocolate bar.  Sunday: 1 cupcake.

2. Workout 3 times: Monday 6 a.m. – spin.  Thursday 9 a.m. – run and full-body workout.  Saturday 9 a.m. – bike or run and 300 workout.  However, if I don’t work out at the times listed, that’s still okay.  Just need to fit them in.

3. Food journal at least 4 days this week, including AT LEAST 1 weekend day – just to make sure I’m fully aware of what I’m eating on the weekend.  As I journaled today, I realized just how many extra calories I take in when I’m around the house, more due to availability of food and a desire to distract myself from studying than from hunger.

4.  Meal plan tonight.  Just needs to be done.

Heading out to the neighbours for an impromptu potluck.  Have a great night!

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